‘They are at it again, 1st JayZ, then Kanye…..NOT again!!!

This young guy is just trying to MAKE life better for him and his family and then this happened….

You have to tell me your thoughts…. WAIT FOR IT!!!


Much Love,

Tracy B


#ThankfulThursday- I love you!


Everything about you is special. It’s your differences (flaws) that sets you apart from the rest. Embrace it, inhale it, respect it, LOVE it!

I don’t know who you are but I love you. It has nothing to do with your looks, your talents, your skills or anything else other than you simply being you. I am connected to you. When you hurt, I hurt.  When you cry, I cry. When you rejoice, so do I. My desire is to help you, not harm you. Whatever you need from me, within my ability to make happen, I will do it. It’s my love for you that takes me over the edge.  It’s my compassion that makes me go beyond.  I am here for you!images-52

Don’t be afraid or ashamed of me because  I look or talk differently. Don’t turn or run me away. I have something powerful to give and it’s enough for you to share.  I show you love, I offer peace, I give you me. You can count on me being everywhere and in everything. I can help you gain it all but you mustn’t overlook me. I am DIVERSITY!


Allow people to be who they are; for in doing this you’re showing love and freedom in who you are. Truth is, it’s only when you love yourself you can truly love others!

(Leave a comment, share the post, love diversity!! Humans aren’t going anywhere. Get over it and LOVE already!)

Much Love,

Tracy B

I dare you to speak….

I’ll keep this brief, sweet, short and to the point.

images-71Today is a new day. A day you’ve never seen before. It may look just like yesterday but it’s not. It’s brand new, full of mercy, favor and grace. It’s a blank canvas awaiting your illustrations of the day. You have the power to create what this PRESENT day will be. You even have the say so of who you will encounter to share bread with or possibly sip some tea. unwrappedThumbnail-1

It’s called the present for a reason. Today  is a gift waiting to be unwrapped. You have the power of saying if it’s going to be good or bad. It’s your life, you have all rights to decide. Now inhale, exhale and SPEAK.

Today is blessed and my favor runs over. Because of this, I will encounter one blessing after the other. I am excited with all my divine connections that motivates and leaps me over into my next blessing. 

Much Love,

Tracy B

So what do you have to say now????….


Fight for what’s right! Fight for what’s yours!  Stand strong! Stand your ground!  You got this!

The pastI know it seems you’ve been fighting forever and a day but if you continue to fight, forever and another day added to that, you are guaranteed to win. Even if ‘they’ say you lose, you still win. ‘They don’t want you to know the truth so ‘they’ put obstacles and distractions in your way and call it the ‘News’. ‘They don’t want you to stand strong so they do things that take all your strength by forcing you to be inauthentic. ‘They’  don’t want you to stand your ground so ‘they’ try and shake your world with hatred that can knock you off your feet. ‘They’ don’t want you to know . ‘They’ would rather have you live their lies than stand and walk in your truth. I know fighting is exhausting. I know you’re tired of it all but it’s almost over.

How do I know? Well, because I spoke it and I am a FIRM believer that whatever I speak will come to pass. I’ve seen it happen time and time again as you have. If you’ve said before’ “I said that was going to happen” then you know that what you speak manifest. So start speaking and end the fight. You got this!the knockout

There is power in what you speak, so speak life, speak truth, speak peace and watch it happen just as you SAID it would.

Much Love,

Tracy B


What a prideful fall…..

If you’ve experienced a great fall I can guarantee pride was right before it.photo_10785507_door-open-to-the-new-world-for-environmental-concept-and-idea

Pride is something I easily define as tricky.  Its meaning is having great pleasure or satisfaction derived from your own achievements; rather it be material, association or possessions. I define it tricky because on one hand it’s okay to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. They say be proud of your accomplishments by wearing a BIG smile and sticking out your chest.  If you can’t be your own cheerleader who else can, right?

On the other hand, and here comes the trickery, because of all the ‘pats on the back’ we start believing the hype of the I’m the only rock-star speech and began boasting, bragging, demeaning others, living life blessed and highly favored and quickly forgetting the humility that opened doors for us and the others that supported us. We ignore the signs and warnings. Then like lightning the ‘great fall’ strikes and sends us to our knees. When we fall we tend to need clarity, a moment of reflection, time to find self, ‘a get away’ and ‘stay away’ vacation, a plan of escape, and friends become counselors. We believe it’s the worst thing that could have happened. We think the bottom has fallen out and we are all alone. Once again I’m here to let you know some great news. It’s a lie.  As long as you can inhale and exhale, you CAN rise from the fall.images-47

See, the fall was never meant to defeat you. It was simply to expose and deliver you from you. You can be your own worst enemy and greatest hype man. Humble yourself, don’t get tired. Stay there and FIGHT ! You’re supposed to make mistakes, it’s part of your imperfections but LEARN from it.images-20

If you’re following and reading my post, you could easily assume everything is about you.  Well, you wouldn’t be wrong in the least.  Everything is about you in a love type of way. I know I have never laid eyes on you but do I need to see you to show love? Of course not. I am here to love you through whatever you’re going through by posting what I’ve gone or am going through. I desire to help, even if it’s only me. Take care of yourself Fav’s. 

Much Love,

Tracy B




I’ve spilled a secret

There are no special problems, but there are special people assigned to certain problems.

The temptation(s) you’re battling is not yours to battle alone. I guarantee you it is someone going through what you’re going through and probably worse off. I know you’re struggling with it. I know you feel horrible and would just die if your temptation was revealed to others. I know you’ve prayed over and over and feel like God is not listening, and if HE is listening, nothing is being done about it.  I know you’re tired of the same ole same ole without any hope of solution. I know you’re sick and tired of falling into it over and over again no matter how badly you try to avoid it. I know you feel like it’s never going to change and you will always suffer with this one temptation you can’t seem to shake.  I also know you feel like you should have learned by now. Well, I have great news for you today. Someone lied to you, me, us about change.

Is this ever going to change? If so, how?

I’m here to tell you the secret factor of knowing everything can and will change. Hold on to your forks for this answer. The secret factor is you, me, us!!  You, the powerful being you are, the great creator you are, the secret special you are, have to change the label you’ve called it. Don’t call it temptation, don’t call it a struggle, don’t call it painful, and surely don’t call it hopeless. Try calling it DONE, call it quits, call it over, call it off, call it finished. Label it what you desire it to be not what you see it to be presently.  True changes start in the mind. The more you think and see it being over , the more you become free from it.


tired boii
Never forget—-

If you have that one temptation, that particular issue, that crazy problem, that ‘forever there’ situation, then please know you are ‘that’ answer to solve it. 

Your life is blessed. Now go on and be great on purpose!

Much Love,

Tracy B


A letter to you…..

Image result for pictures of letterYou,

There’s more to you but for some reason you’re afraid to show it.

You’ve spent so much time replaying what someone else spoke over your life that it has become your goal to achieve. It’s not who you are, that’s why they label you liar. You are not being authentic to the true you.  You know who you are. You know what you tell yourself internally.  You know what you’re replaying is a lie. Stop being afraid! Believe what you’re speaking about yourself.  Believe that dream you had 3 years ago. Believe that vision you had 7 days ago.  Believe that good thought you had 1 minute ago.  It’s not going to hurt you to believe in your greatness. It hurts when you live a lie that you don’t even believe.

It’s time out for excuses and explanations. It doesn’t sit well with you anyway. You can’t even sleep at night. You toss and turn looking for a remedy; a pill, a drink, a smoke, but nothing really helps. When you can end your day knowing you are at peace with you and the decisions you’ve made, then you’ll find great rest. When you experience great rest, you’re refreshed for the present day awaiting your consciousness. When you’re refreshed, you make better decisions. When you make better decisions, you experience peace. When you’re peaceful, you experience great rest. All this says is your actions are the determining factors in your life’s outcome.

If you have a problem with where you are in life, then by all means please take action and charge over it. Your family, enemies, fr-enemies, and whoever else you look to blame is not the escape route to your happiness or demise. We didn’t come into this world sharing hearts (even twins are individuals). This is your life. Believe what you know to be true about you. Stand in your truth. Be authentic, be bold, be brilliant, be You.

A ship sinks, not because of the water around it but by the water that got in it. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you or being said about you, allow only good to enter from this day forth. Don’t worry what others say. I believe in you! Now what are you going to do with your life?

Much Love,

Tracy B



When they speak, I listen!

When the rocks cry out, I listen through the tears!

I have this thing with rocks. I’m not sure of how it happened or the exact date of when it happened but I do know I’ve been fascinated with the things of earth since my beginning and even more so today. I love looking up at the clouds and figuring out what God is showing me. I love the flowers and plants, their colors, their scent, their design, and even the beautiful butterflies flowers and plants attract. I love the stories of the trees, the colors of the leaves and the rocks that I view as chipped fragments of earth and time. I have memories of walking with my children, looking down and seeing rocks that spoke, not literally, but stood out from the multitude. My children would drop their heads and whisper to each other, ‘here she goes again’. I just laugh, pick up my rock and keep walking. I don’t expect anyone to see what I see, hear what I hear or even think like I think. We are all different for a BEAUTIFUL reason and that reason is to show our likeness.  We are all ONE of a kind, the human kind. That’s an entirely different post. Let me regain focus.- hmmph!

So I’ve got rocks everywhere baring all shapes, colors, sizes and zip codes. Yes, I go on vacation and bring back rocks. Each rock tells a story of its account but not all stories are memorable, however I have a few that are.  The stories they’ve shared with me allowed me to name them.

Gratitude (gray, black, white stripe) – Dark and gloomy I may seem but I am strong. No matter what happened in my course of travel, my gratefulness for it all keeps leaping me forth, gaining all.

Love (shades of brown with a black crack going through it) – I am everything rolled in one and I love all of me. You may see scars on the outside but my shades of love run deep, scars haven’t even reached the surface of me.

Joy (swirl light brown and cream) I sometimes have mixed emotions and my feelings may be intertwined but the joy of me is what’s often seen; for the swirl of my anchored soul has learned to channel the right energy.

Faith (clear glass with chiseled tan, beige and gray) I am transparent and also unseen. I need for you to see what is not yet seen so that it can be seen. So it’s best you go through me.

Prosperity (lavender, with a streak of brown) I am relaxed, bold, royal and solid in my stance. I don’t work, I don’t labor, I just inhale the blessings of being who I am. I am not one thing. I am in everything, I’ve taken a stand!

Hope you all enjoyed one of my many earth things I do and hearing the messages they speak.  Feel free to share some of yours. I’m looking forward to hearing from my Fav’s anytime you wish to speak.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Do you remember when you started lying?????

We say the pledge of allegiance but why???

He’s showing me so much. I can’t type or write fast enough to contain it all. He took me back to childhood when I would be forced to stand and pledge allegiance to the flag. ‘One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.’ For all of who I asked. I can see the shape of this world today. There’s not much love in this world. Instead of people stepping up to make a difference they’re recording from a distance.  Instead of people helping the poor, especially the rich, we talk down with judgment but we’re just one paycheck shy of being in the same predicament. Instead of forgiving people for the wrongs they do or have done, we label folk mistakes and even constantly replay the day they fell victim to such wrong. Yet we pledge ‘one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.’

america-2So, for the sake of argument, lets say the majority of this world confesses Christianity and read the bible. With that being the case, we know the word says God forgives and even throws our sins into a sea of forgetfulness. We appreciate that, well I know I do. We thank God for such grace and mercy, for hiding our sins from others. However, it amazes me we don’t have that same compassion or tolerance for others. How dare we desire God’s forgiveness and we don’t care to forgive. We even make memorials of it so that others wont forgive or forget. Yet we pledge ‘one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.’

Remember, the manner in which you treat others will be the manner of your treatment from others. You want love, show love! Choose to forgive and forget, so that when we pledge ‘one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all’ we really mean it. Then we’ll see the hands of God heal our lives and land!!

Much Love,

Tracy B