Sweet Victory

When you’re a person of great faith ~ doors open. Walk through the opportunity allowed.antony7 busting thru tiger style

#FinalThought : Step out on faith and step into purpose!

Much Love,

Tracy B


God is NOT for sale!

Imagine if God gave us a price for His love and basically everything He has to offer, how much would you pay? Could you even afford Him? Could Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, T.D Jakes, Joel Osteen, Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Beyoncé/Jay Z & Kylie Jenner put all their money together and pay for God to be tangible spiritually?2--180502-money animation - dollars

With God comes all things awesome! Everything is possible, it’s orchestrated, it’s planned for your expected victory & mapped out to ensure you win every time. What would you pay for this service? Now the draw back is bad times, bad things, bad breaks, and bad losses will have to take place to ensure the win. Do you still want the service? Of course you do because God guarantees regardless of everything that happens~ YOU STILL WIN!

Moral of the story, God doesn’t come with a price tag. We are getting all of this now with  full access, FREE of money. The only cost is your mental belief. If you would simply believe that all things are possible, you will see all things achieved!

#FinalThought : Don’t get caught up in the draw back when the outcome is guaranteed victory! 

Much Love,

Tracy B

Time is and will always be undefeated

Lately I’ve been on some Netflix and chill, 🙂


with my nieces and nephew that visit each summer that are really cousins but Black families have a way of renaming & claiming folk. Even if you’re a friend that’s cool with the family, we’ll call you cousin, uncle, granddad, mom, sister~sometimes we’ll throw the word ‘play’ in front of the title. It really all depends on how we see you with our heart. You don’t even have to be the same race to feel the love of being adopted into the family.  Once you’re in, you’re in!the-flash-3-netflix

So we’ve sat here and pretty much binge watched Flash, starting Season 1 and now on Season 2, episode 15. It’s like 23 episodes per season. Whew, that’s a lot of TV. I can’t deny, I’ve entertained some episodes with full interest to see what’s going to happen next. I was actually at work thinking about Barry Allen, the Clark Kent of Flash.

There was a particular episode that made me have a moment of gratitude and reflection for my past of all things. I was truly grateful for everything I’ve gone through and understood that it all had to happen in order for me to be where I am today.

Flash had to speed up enough to time travel into another Earth to change something that’s happening on his Earth; if he could just stop this one thing, that’ll then end this other.  However, before traveling, his peers warned them, him and his traveling constituents, some things would look wacky but to not become distracted and continue with the mission. There was a part in which Flash tried to deviate from the mission and it changed up something bad in both worlds. Moreover, if you touch this then this is going to happen so you can’t have one without the other. Simply put, everything had to happen good or bad, therefore creating who you are today.

Being human, I find myself flawed, imperfect ~ lacking any perfection, so I’m guilty of sitting around thinking ‘if the bad never happened my life’ would be?????’…….. I don’t believe I’m alone in this type of thinking

My ‘aha’ moment happened when I saw how it would’ve played out tangibly. Flash, with all his speed, was unable to change time and if he interfered it would change time. Think about that for a moment! For example, you outrun time enough to get in a past moment that changed your entire life, so you change it. You’re able to stop it from happening and even see how the event plays out without that trauma. But now something else happened just as tragic if not worse and you have to outrun time again to prevent that from happening and so on & forth. I know you’re thinking “well what if nothing tragic happens and life is sweet?” Well without bad you would never discover good. Without that loss you would never know what’s gain. Without the bad relationship would you appreciate or recognize a good one? Without that moment or those moments of weakness would you have the strength you have today?

Moral of the story, you can’t change it and if you could, would you do it even if it jeopardizes your wisdom today?

#FinalThoughts : My past doesn’t define me but it did have part in who I am today!

Much Love,

Tracy B


I am grateful!

How can you be thankful and show gratitude for what you do and don’t have? Well, here’s an example ~images-2

I’m thankful for my car, but if I didn’t have a car, I’m thankful for legs that can walk me to transportation or wherever I needed to go. I’m thankful for my job but if I didn’t have a job, I’m thankful for eyes to look at job sites that are hiring. I’m thankful for my children but if I didn’t have any, I’m thankful for the womb that can carry children. If I couldn’t have children, I’m thankful for adoption, inside or outside the family. Moral of the story ~ there’s always a reason to be thankful.

Gratitude is necessary in your daily walk. When you are grateful, doors open and the universe responds with excellent gratitude of more of the same.

Much Love,

Tracy B

I got over it~

Today, I overcame fear with courage.

A-Bud-of-Love-31000I made the calls. I walked the path. I tried the food. I did the opposite of what I wanted and ended up giving myself exactly what I needed.

Push beyond your problems and step in the realm of purpose!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Just a little something~

You must be willing to let go of everything and everyone else so that you can get to self which leads to the heart of the matter.create

All I can do is be who God has created me to be.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Sometimes you have to get lost to find your way~

We are living in a day and age where we can simply press google maps or any other type GPS to get us to our destination. However, when it malfunctions where does that leave us? We get lost! We constantly hear rerouting, make a u-turn, signal lost, proceed to route, or nothing at all. That can be frustrating, nerve wrecking, or scary if you make the wrong turn.


I live in a state where everything is so spread out in one big circle, yet people still don’t know their way. Moreover, it’s the same intersections taking you from here to there. Once I learned that, I traveled the roads and got lost twice because I refused to use GPS. I wanted and needed to find my own way. Of course I was frustrated, wasted gas, lost travel time and used mileage but that’s what l had to go through to find my way.

In life we will be challenged with all kinds of distractions, obstacles, and bad timings and there’s nothing technology can do to save us, we simply have to find our way or make a way.

Today, I challenge you to LOOK UP at signs, learn landmarks, travel a second or third time without the use of GPS. Watch how much easier finding your way can be. It will get to the point people will ask you for directions 🙂 Moral of the story~

Don’t get lost repeating the same route you’ve traveled multiple times. You can learn when you look up to see the signs!!

Happy Birthday to me!!! 07/13 #CancerSeason

Much Love,

Tracy B

I’m doing the most!

I don’t always feel like smiling but that’s when I smile the most. I don’t always feel like loving but that’s when I show it the most. I don’t always feel like laboring but that’s when I work the most. I don’t always feel like writing but that’s when I post.aquarelle-kulik-catherine-earl-2011

Moral of the story~ stay diligent and GOD will stay faithful in seeing you always get what you give the most. Happy Thursday ~ do the MOST!

Much Love,

Tracy B

I”m in love!

If loving me is wrong then forget being right.

Being in love with self, flaws and all, is such perfection. When you’ve got a made up mind to make up your mind about you~congratulations, you’ve arrived.1ef6caa937eeed2b7092f0143f8afcea

Self love is sweeter than chocolate! 

Much Love,

Tracy B

Twitter’s trending topics

I often find myself on twitter looking at what or who’s trending.    It keeps me informed 🙂

To my surprise, I saw Kevin Hart was a trending topic.Kevin-hart-1 “OMGosh, I hope nothing has happened to him”, was my initial thought. So I hurried to see why he was trending and to my disappointment, I realized he was in battle with Mike Epps over whose funnier.  Are you kidding me?

Both men have a lane or path to walk and I find both to be pretty funny.  One comment said Mike Epps is hood funny while Kevin Hart is Hollywood funny. I can’t lie, I chuckled a little bit at that comment. I started reading more and got disgusted actually. I couldn’t believe people were making this a big deal. It all started over Mike posting a picture of him and Eddie Murphy. Some random made the statement of Eddie being funnier than Kevin, to which Mike replied “Everyone is funnier.”

Kevin, “Nobody is selling tickets like me”

Mike “That’s not even press worthy” to which Kevin replied with a nice long message stating he has a ‘crab in a barrel’ mentality. Of course Mike responded calling Kevin a person who loves to play victim.

This was really too much for me. For people to keep this going with their comments is ridiculous and fueling them to keep going.

We can’t be about love if we responding to hate. We can’t be about love if we’re spreading gossip and not the gospel. We can’t be about love if we’re always at war. Moral of the story~

Just because someone else is shining doesn’t mean you will go dim. The only person capable of dulling your light is YOU. Don’t play yourself, reward yourself by not playing by anybody rules but your own.

Much Love,

Tracy B