It’s time …….

Let go of the old, allow the new to come in, and watch God work it for your good!


Nothing like NEW disguised blessings.

Much Love,

Tracy B


It’s a ‘me’ thang….

The worst disservice you can ever do to self is live pretending you’re someone else.

Pieces of me that were elsewhere have returned. Now I can see ALL of Me.

Be authentic, be bold, be brilliant, be YOU!

Much Love,

Tracy B

For you…….

Hi Loves,

I hope your day is peaceful, your time at every travel joyful, your moments memorable, and your nite delightful.

Blessings to you!536501_2229408350943_654783107_n-1

Much Love,

Tracy B

What just happened????…..

I am dedicated to my success!!!!!!!!!,,,….

tracy-pic.jpgThe storms are raging. I can barely see ahead of me. It’s just winds of turmoil and rains of struggled poverty. I’ve had it up to here and I can’t stand anymore of this same ol same ole. It’s bout time I get ridiculous!!! A change has come!

Do something NO ONE has ever done before! #StandOut #BeAuthentic #IndividualVibes

Much Love,

Tracy B

I lied to me, I think???….

“I said I wanted it and now the time is here.  What am I waiting for? Why can’t I just do it? I said I would if the opportunity presented itself. Well, hmm, I’m faced with it but I ain’t faced it.” 

I had my reasons all written out but I kept proof reading and realized I’d written excuses of escape! #VictimStyleEdition

images-100Yes, some doors are closed but keep on knocking! Yes, some friendships ended but keep on beginning and building. Yes, some jobs ended but keep on beginning and building. Things are going to happen, it’s a part of life. Your job is to keep on living and you will SEE the manifestation of what you’ve SEEN! #Faith

I am ready! I am here! I am anointed. I am guided. I am Me!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Changes and I first day…..

Changes started me with affirmations of ‘I AM’s. I knew this day was mine to create with my words as I desired so I spoke with power. “I am prepared. I am unstoppable. I am worthy. I am deliberate. I am detail – oriented. I am ready. I am ME


However, nothing went as I desired. In fact, it was the total opposite of what I spoke. I wont deny, I was irked but the Changes whispered ‘the seeds are planted, move on and know this day is not over!’

You have to go through it to get too it. Never give up!

Love y’all,

Tracy B


All these changes…….

I’m embracing change. I’m allowing it to fill my lungs to capacity so that I only exhale and inhale the air and winds of change. The changes of life, be it good or bad, will no longer affect me negatively because I am one with change. I am change!

ryan-c-wright sunset deck

God is guiding me daily into the newness of me and I allow it.

Love you all,

Tracy B