PERMANENT cure for depression, it’s FREE!!!

Be certain in this, God didn’t create you to be miserable.  HE created you for greatness!!

images-82It is HIS desire that we live a thriving, prosperous, healthy and peaceful life. It sounds almost impossible to get everything so we fall short making decisions mentally to fall prey to defeat and depression.  That’s easy to do.  I know this because I’ve been a victim. Depression sets in and you start to lose yourself in your thoughts. You feel alone, dark, and the thoughts become louder than ‘you feel’ you can bare BUT that’s when you have a decision to make. At a crucial moment you hear yourself louder than the voices.  You will either tell yourself ‘fight or flight’.

(A moment of silence to all the creations that decided to take flight.)images-2

You and I, WE are still here. We are here for greatness. You, just like I, heard yourself say fight and came out the darkness. Now fight!!!. I know the ‘majority’ chants you have 1 life to live. Well, I see it differently, but the same. I see it as I have 1 time to die so I have to life each day to the fullest! When I viewed it this way I started to see things differently, more acceptable and attainable, making me realize I had many years left in this 1 life.

Don’t get caught up in the notion of thinking it ALL has to happen now. You have so many years to get this thing figured out. Don’t take yourself so serious. Laugh at yourself sometimes. You are going to fail! Why, because you aint all that but you are striving for it. Until then, relax in the truth that greatness is in your individual creation.”


Now once you realize what that greatness is inside, the enigma is solved, happiness ensues, encamps and overtakes you. Depression is NOW a thing of the past because YOU realize your future gives you enough time to figure it out in the light of day.

images-106When you’re happy, it doesn’t matter what’s going on around you, your world is alright!!! #GetHappy #DepressionCured #IHaveTime #GodCreatedMeForGreatness

Much Love,

Tracy B


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