Monday motivation…..

YES, it’s a happy motivational Monday to you!!blues

For so long we’ve perceived Monday as being a day of the dumps.  We wake up with gloom and doom, go throughout the day wishing for it to be over, and greeting all with the same “it’s Monday” affection. We feel like the day will be full of mishaps, confusion, team meetings, brainstorming and still not having a course of action, chaos and tons of work. For the most part, we are right.  Regardless of what you say your Monday will be like, even if it’s different from what I say, we will still be right. Our day plays out exactly how we plan it out.

imagesIt all starts in our mind and speech. We say all day and night on Sunday how tomorrow is going to be a crazy day.  We even visualize it playing out and then strangely it plays out as we’ve seen it. Then, when Monday is as crazy as we’ve seen and said it we get upset and even declare how ‘we knew’ it would happen but also declare we  didn’t expect it. Isn’t that crazy. I’ve done it and sometimes find myself  having a moment of amnesia ‘knowing’ I am the cause and effect. I no longer speak that way. I no longer see Monday that way. I see Monday as the beginning of a productive and prosperous week. You better believe I make a profit by the end of the week. I am a firm believer “I Shall Have  What I Say’.

images-71Monday is your day to create. If it’s the same ole same ole, it’s because you said it would be. You shall have what you see and say! It’s just that simple Fav’s!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B




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