What a prideful fall…..

If you’ve experienced a great fall I can guarantee pride was right before it.photo_10785507_door-open-to-the-new-world-for-environmental-concept-and-idea

Pride is something I easily define as tricky.  Its meaning is having great pleasure or satisfaction derived from your own achievements; rather it be material, association or possessions. I define it tricky because on one hand it’s okay to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. They say be proud of your accomplishments by wearing a BIG smile and sticking out your chest.  If you can’t be your own cheerleader who else can, right?

On the other hand, and here comes the trickery, because of all the ‘pats on the back’ we start believing the hype of the I’m the only rock-star speech and began boasting, bragging, demeaning others, living life blessed and highly favored and quickly forgetting the humility that opened doors for us and the others that supported us. We ignore the signs and warnings. Then like lightning the ‘great fall’ strikes and sends us to our knees. When we fall we tend to need clarity, a moment of reflection, time to find self, ‘a get away’ and ‘stay away’ vacation, a plan of escape, and friends become counselors. We believe it’s the worst thing that could have happened. We think the bottom has fallen out and we are all alone. Once again I’m here to let you know some great news. It’s a lie.  As long as you can inhale and exhale, you CAN rise from the fall.images-47

See, the fall was never meant to defeat you. It was simply to expose and deliver you from you. You can be your own worst enemy and greatest hype man. Humble yourself, don’t get tired. Stay there and FIGHT ! You’re supposed to make mistakes, it’s part of your imperfections but LEARN from it.images-20

If you’re following and reading my post, you could easily assume everything is about you.  Well, you wouldn’t be wrong in the least.  Everything is about you in a love type of way. I know I have never laid eyes on you but do I need to see you to show love? Of course not. I am here to love you through whatever you’re going through by posting what I’ve gone or am going through. I desire to help, even if it’s only me. Take care of yourself Fav’s. 

Much Love,

Tracy B





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