I really mean this!!!

In life we are faced with choices and these choices are displayed through our life.

Whatever the choice, the decision will be on display for all to view. Some decisions lead us down a beautiful path of great victories, whereas others leave us with unforgettable consequences.

This young man’s video has inspired me to blog because I love the story being told. It’s all about decisions, perception, perseverance and his future. Check it out and tell me what story you believe is being told

Now is YOUR time because everything else is past tense. It can’t be erased or redeemed so make each choice count. Your future is depending on it!!

Much Love,

Tracy B






It’s been too long

I’ve been away too long but God has funny timing!!

For the longest time I was trying to remember my password. I tried about everything I knew but nothing connected me to the blog. I tried using the ‘forgot password’ but I’d forgotten the password to the email account. So, I started a new blog. I was all set to start over. I blogged, got a few likes and never logged back on. Guess what??? I forgot the password to that one. So I took a long shot, said I’m going for it and here I am! Wont HE do it!! 🙂

I’m so glad to be back. I’ve missed reading, liking post, sharing post and writing post.

forbes magazineSo let me get to it. I was speaking with an old friend of mine and we talked about how rich folk get all the gifts, the clothes, the gadgets before everyone else and for free. We couldn’t believe the nerve of the wealthy getting everything free while the common man had to pay. We felt this was indeed some type of backwards joke. Then it hit me. It was so clear. It all made perfect sense. God spoke—-

The king gave talents to his servants. To one he gave 5, the other 2 and the other 1. The one with 5 risked and doubled it. The same happened with the servant with 2 doubling to 4, but the servant with 1 talent buried it in FEAR, believing the king would destroy him if he lost his money. The king returned and the servants advised of their doings. The ones with 5 and 2 said we doubled, the one with 1 said I buried it. I called that servant wicked. The others made me proud but the one that started with 5 got everything.

Why, I asked??

Because he took the biggest risk and I can trust him to do something with a little of nothing. He didn’t fear but he flew and flourished. So when you see the rich getting it for ‘free’ as you say, understand it was never free. They worked hard, took risk and now receiving the fruits of their labor. “

So I have a question, which servant are you? Have you buried your gift or are you risking it all knowing God will bless your risk to double HIS gift?

Stop tripping! God is still with you. NOW go on and do you without fear!!

Much Love,

Tracy B