Who needs freedom???

You just have to know, without any doubt, that God is for you so it doesn’t matter who stands against you! When you walk in that truth, you’re walking in freedom.

Freedom Friday- #CurrentMood


The freedom within displays outwardly when you connect to I AM! What an unstoppable force!-)

Much Love,

Tracy B


You’re growing!!

I’M the potter and you’re the clay!

I think of roots as God speaks stern but softly. I see myself being intertwined with all the other roots of the tree.  The diversity of each root was amazing; from the thickness of some, to the perceived weak looking roots being the greatest in strength. Every color of brown was out for display. Each root was attached to the other and ran deep into the ground. I couldn’t see how deep the roots ran so I began looking at the tree.

The tree was planted along the rivers of water, each leaf full of life, colored in diversity and baring great fruit fit for the season. It’s the biggest, strongest and most elaborate tree standing. I could smell the scent of pine, oak, honey and every other pleasant smell you could think of. I wanted to stare at its beauty all day but I needed to shift my focus back to the roots where I was planted and sure to hear God speak. Just as I shifted focus, it happened. One after the other intertwined roots turned to dust and disappeared. The once connected roots began swelling in expansion, intertwining with other roots, moving in sync as if the disappearing roots never happened. If I had blinked my eyes I would have missed it. roots

“God, I get it. This is the rooting process.” As I was speaking, another root disappeared but the connecting roots didn’t swell or expand. In fact, they didn’t move but became hard and shriveled, leaving some of the connecting roots the same.  Amazingly, there were roots growing, swelling in expansion as if they were never connected to the infected. They began connecting with similar roots and eventually started a thick root baring no mark of the infection. “Ah ha, ok Father, I think I get it but being I don’t have the mind of  You, I am ready to receive Your revelation.”

“You are seeing the growth process. The intertwined roots are symbolic of family, friends, things that matters to you. Things you’re connected to in some kind of way. Each of you being different but connected. The dust and disappearance are symbolic of separation and death. The roots that moved with swelling and expansions are symbolic of pain and growth. The connections to other roots are symbolic of support and prosperity. However, the roots that didn’t move but became hard and shriveled are symbolic of the past, unforgiveness and defeat. They are what I will call infected. Some roots identified with the infection and became infected others felt pain but grew despite it but each root had a choice in its decision. You are symbolic to the root! You asked to grow and I’m doing that but in order for you to grow you must have space. Yes, people, places and things have gone, separated, died, or removed because you need room. Everybody can’t grow or go with you. You may be connected to others but it’s still your choice to grow or fold. You must swell with expansion in thinking, imagining and believing. Now is time! I will connect you to like-minded folk. Kingdom builders and life changers are going to show favor.  Count it all joy when you go through the valley of the shadow of death, fear no evil, for I AM is with you. Who will to stand against Me?”

All things work together for good eventually, so just grow through the process!!

Much Love,

Tracy B