If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem…..

Seek the Lord and live, or else he will sweep like fire through America and consume her, and none of the idols in high places can put it out.

O evil men, you make “justice” a bitter pill for the poor and oppressed. “Righteousness” and “fair play” are meaningless fictions to you!

 Seek Him who created the Seven Stars and the constellation Orion, who turns darkness into morning and day into night, who calls forth the water from the ocean and pours it out as rain upon the land. The Lord, Jehovah, is His name. With blinding speed and violence He brings destruction on the strong, breaking all defenses.

How the wicked hate honest judges! How ‘they’ despise people who tell the truth! ‘They’ trample the poor and steal their smallest crumb by all the taxes, fines, and usury; therefore, ‘they’ will never live in the beautiful stone houses ‘they’ are building, nor drink the wine from the lush vineyards ‘they’ are planting.

For many and great are your sins. I know them all so well. You are the enemies of everything good; you take bribes; you refuse justice to the poor. Therefore, those who are wise will not try to interfere with the Lord in the dread day of your punishment.

There’s no room for injustice. ‘They’ may appear to have gotten away with wickedness but GOD has the final judgment!!

Much Love,

Tracy B