Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you!

When your change your mind, it’ll change your life!

A few days ago, a friend and I had an intellectual and intriguing discussion. We were discussing how crazy the mind works. I gave the scenario of being in a room of 1000 people, with 999 singing your praises and 1 saying you’re not good enough. Sounds like good odds right? Well, I thought so too but the truth is our minds will not even hear the 999 but focus on finding out why the 1 was not pleased. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the praises but they are overshadowed. Our minds tell us we want all to love us, like us, support and be there for us but we all know that is not possible. There’s going to always be hatred, naysayers, envy and strife. It’s not a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s what we need to grow, be successful and get over the hump of pleasing others. Our perception must change in order for us to accomplish this.

images-47Understand that if someone is trying to bring you down they are positioned beneath you. It’s simple really. The only way for you to fall is having someone pulling you at the ankles, or maybe even hugging you around the calves but they are not hovering over you. If they were above you, would you allow them to push you down? Wouldn’t you do something to hold your position or will you just give up power to your oppressor?

Embrace the love, ignore the hate and appreciate your new way of thinking!! There’s no time like the present!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


Ask and He’ll answer…………

There’s an aroma of blessings in the air!!!!….

I understand the concept of asking God for what I need in prayer privately and seeing it answered publicly. I understand the concept of seeking God daily and finding Him waiting patiently to be my guide. I also understand the concept of knocking on the doors of my dreams and expecting God to open the right ones all the time. I understand all of this. I would hear the pastor preach “Ask, Seek, Knock” on Sunday, nod in agreement, then leave the same way I came, still empty.  Sure, the word excited me. I would jump, scream, holler and shout but go home and fuss because nothing I wanted was working out. I would secretly wonder if God was even real because He surely didn’t seem to know my address to drop by with blessings. It seemed He knew where all my enemies stayed however,  because they stayed blessed. I was confused and soon realized I photo_10785507_door-open-to-the-new-world-for-environmental-concept-and-ideadidn’t understand the concept at all. So like always I went straight to the source for comprehension.

“God, you make it sound so simple. Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and doors open. I’ve done what’s required but I keep coming up short. What am I doing wrong? Should I spin around three times, jump four times and repent five? I know my enemies aren’t doing anything but making a mockery of You but You’re still blessing them. Should I just say to hell with all this God stuff, make a mockery of You as well? Well God, I’m listening!”

You are doing that already! How can I get a blessing to you if you don’t even believe I’m real or you deserve a blessing? Why pray? You’re wasting time, energy and words. After all We’ve been through!!. All the nights I’ve held you, the days I’ve carried you, the minutes I’ve kept you and you still think you can fuss and move Me. I’m moved by faith, not phony worship or fear. I bless who I desire and it’s always the ones who ask, seek and knock. You fuss, curse then deny, what type of formula is that? Even my enemies know how to get a blessing and apparently, yours do too. It’s so simple. The recipe for receiving is asking and believing. The recipe for finding Me is seeking Me and doors of opportunity open when you knock. What’s so hard about that? You and I will not go through this again. You will understand the concept and you will practice it daily until it becomes the norm. Here’s some simplicity for you, take the first three letters of each requirement and it will bring you right back to the beginning. Well Tracy, I’m listening!”  And just like lightning, it flashed and I got it.

“Father, forgive me. I know not what I say at times. I’ve been wrong for so long. It is really that simple. Each time I’ve asked You to answer, You did. Each time I sought You, You came. Each time I knocked, You opened. How did I not see this. Ask, Seek, Knock still leads me back to the beginning ASK! Thank You for being so awesome. Now I’m ready for You!”

Whoever you are that think God is not listening, think again. There’s a reason you’re reading this blog post. You’ve asked HIM what you’re doing wrong and He’s answering!.

Much Love,

Tracy B

I can see the path and I’m walking with power!……..

The promise is here!

images-19In a vision I saw me standing. It wasn’t dark but there was no light either. It was a calm atmosphere. There wasn’t to much of anything going on outside of me just standing there. I started looking around and saw empty land. I took a step forward but didn’t move. I looked around again and noticed the land had grown more massive in size.

‘Where am I? How did I get here and where am I going? Hello, can anyone hear me? I’m standing right here, stuck, probably dying. Is anyone out there? Can anyone hear me?’ I called out again but still my call went unanswered. I was just about to give up and take a step backwards but I was blocked. “Who’s there?”

“Calm your fears. I’m not here to hurt. I’m here to heal. Look again with your spiritual eyes and tell me what you see.” So I closed my eyes and began to see and speak.

“My mother’s at my left, my father’s at my right, my grandmother’s behind me, blocking me and God, you’re in front of me. I see grass growing, milk and honey flowing. Birds are singing and the ground is blinging with gold. Where am I?”

“You’re in your season. This is your harvest. This is your land. I have spoken this over you and MY promise will come to pass. You’ve strayed from the path for to long so I got some help for you. I have people around who will NOT allow you to fail. I am in front because I know the way, can take the punches and clear the path. No longer will you stray. You will stay the course and inherit all the land possesses. You can only step forward. Are you ready to move?”

“Actually, I tried moving forward but something had me stuck, What is it?”

“The unknown had you paralyzed but knowledge is power. Open your eyes, see ME and walk!”

Much Love,

Tracy B