Will you trust God enough to fall?????

My feet are moving but my rate of speed is alarming!
avant-garde fur brown shoesHave you ever been stuck, not felt stuck, but actually been stuck in something that you knew was better to just let go? But instead, you try manipulating the situation to where you’re not all in but still somewhat intertwined. You make yourself believe if you do things in moderation it just may work out. You even go so far as trying to compromise with God. Oh, maybe that’s just me 🙂  So now, you try moving forward with your plans for a better tomorrow but find yourself stuck somewhere from yesterday. You got all the necessary tools to move full speed but something is stuck and causing you to drag. You go round and round with what could possibly be wrong, even start singing ‘woe is me’ but never investigate the reason you’re stuck. You pray, you wait, you pray, you cry, you wait, and then you pray some more but you still haven’t investigated the reason you’re stuck. You try different approaches figuring it will bring about different results, and it does, but there’s hardly any movement. Finally, your heart screams – ‘God I trust you, tell me what to do?’
“It’s so simple, just let go and fall on ME. I got you! I have all you need, just fall. Your landing looks questionable but I promise it’s secure. I know you, I love you, I will never harm you. Trust me, let go, now fall!” 
Don’t be fooled, you can not reach your future dragging your past. Eventually your past will get stuck in yesterday’s traps!
Much Love,
Tracy B

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