Breathing with ease now…….

I will take refuge under the shadow of Your wings until the disaster has passed!

I finished reading the passage of Psalms and began praying. I started praying for folk I didn’t even wish to forgive. I didn’t know I didn’t want to forgive them until I started praying for them. So I stopped praying because I realized God had to reveal the enigma.

“Ok God, reveal what I need to know to grow. How can I forgive sincerely when I can’t forget the offense? My true prayer is that You hurt them for hurting me. You know what’s in my heart so why lie. However, I need to forgive? I need freedom from the chain of grudges, the quicksand of envy and the poison of self-pity. I’m listening.”

Jesus with wings-1“It’s so simple Tracy. I gave you the answer before you even prayed. I know all things.  To take refuge under My wings indicates you’re covered in a secret place that not even hell can reach. I understand your heart. It still has unforgiveness and everything else of yesterday but I got you covered today and forever. I’m working on you while you’re covered. I’m loving on you while you’re covered. I’m feeding you spiritual food while you’re covered. I’m teaching you while you’re covered.  I’m blessing you while you’re covered. It’s only heavy because you’re holding on to something I’ve let go. Just fall, I’ve got you covered. “

Take a deep breath. Inhale victor, exhale victim. Now forgive and be free!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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