You believe you???….

You have to know who you are!

management-training-listening-skills1If you were not a threat to anyone then they wouldn’t bother putting you down. If you were not on the right track then they wouldn’t work so hard to throw you off. If you were not beautiful then they wouldn’t bother convincing you you’re ugly.  If you were not all that then why waste energy or time talking to a non factor? Somebody’s lying and I know it’s not you. So since you and I know ‘they’ lie then let’s stop listening to ‘they’ and listen to self. You are not like anyone else out here. You’re truly one of a kind, so much so, once God created you He said ‘It is finished and wonderfully made!’

Don’t allow the opinions of others to become your reality of self.  You got it going on!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

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