I’ve said too much……

Whoop em! It wont kill em, it just might save their life.

When you know better and still choose to do wrong how can you get upset when consequences become your reward? How can you blame God for your decision to do the wrong that everyone else appeared to have gotten away with?  How can you say God is not for you when you deliberately disobeyed what you know is right? Why are you mad with God? How can you be? 

images-74I was sitting in a funk of anger and borderline depression. I couldn’t believe where I was mentally and emotionally. I mean, I pray and do what I know to be right but I’m getting evil in return. In my anger I approached God and spoke, ‘I thought You said you reap what you sow? Well, I’m sowing goodness and I know it’s goodness but You see how I’m being repaid? You also said that I should surrender all to You and I’ve done that over and over again but that aint reap any reward. You even said I should trust You and You see where that’s gotten me. I’m right here again, angry and borderline depressed. I’m bout ready to just say to hell with all of this!’

“What do you think you really deserve? What have you done so great that you should be rewarded abundantly? What have you created that I should bow and worship? What star did you name, tell Me so that I can hear all your wishes and grant them. What cloud did you form so that I can remove the dark one you say hovers over and replace it with your glorious creation? What darkness can you hide in so that I wont see your sins? I AM. I SEE. I KNOW ALL THINGS AND AM ALL THINGS. I Am your refuge, your strong tower, your fortress. I Am covering you with My body. I shelter you and keep you from dangers seen and unseen. How can you blame ME for what you have done. How can you disrespect My time in your messiness? Why would you tell Me what you will or wont do? Are you My God? Shall I serve you? Shall I bow down and worship the ground I’ve created that you walk on? Don’t be foolish, My word is truth, you reap what you sow. You haven’t surrendered because you still lack trust. You lack trust because you worry? You worry because you haven’t surrendered. To surrender all fully is a one time confession, not something you do when you feel all hope is lost. Get over yourself. I Am your Father and you belong to Me and when you’re out of line expect chastisement.”

God chastens those He loves! If you’re wrong expect consequences but you’re not alone, God is always with us.

Much Love,

Tracy B



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