It only requires belief in truth!!!!!!!!!!!!………..

The time, this time is your time and your time is now!

inside lava 14-2In a vision I saw the ground full of dark holes. Each hole was boiling, spewing red lava and bubbles. I saw everything around me as far as my eyes could see, even in the far distance the ground boiled. Stem was bursting with lava and popping me all over but it wasn’t hot to touch. I knew it was really hot to the ground but wouldn’t or couldn’t harm me because I was not walking the grounds alone, God was with me. He was guiding me through the path we were to take. HE didn’t hold my hand, nor did He try reaching out to do so. We just walked and talked. We were so high up I could see my problems solved.  From where we were standing, nothing was impossible. I could do or say whatever. There was nothing I couldn’t have or desire so I had to be careful with my thoughts. Whatever I thought, happened!

I walked further into the darkness of the grounds and heard the angels began to sing. One in particular stood out like none other. Her voice was easily recognized as she sang the words ‘It’s On The Way’ over and over again. “Mom, I hear you. You sound heavenly.” I rejoiced hearing her voice.

“Sssh, listen to what I’m saying to you. Don’t rejoice in my voice, rejoice in my message. It’s on the way. Put whatever you want to put in front or behind those words. No matter what IT may be, it’s on the way!”

I listened and the song answered my prayers and even gave me some bonus victories. I couldn’t believe everything was on the way. I started rejoicing again but God said “this is only the beginning!” I walked some more and saw someone familiar standing there in my original designs. Her hair was like I’d seen it, her body and health was how I’d dreamt and her hair was what I’d always desired. Her smile was amazingly bright and her heart was in a rhythm of perfect harmony.  It was a beautiful sight to see and I needed to get closer. She wanted me to see her standing there in all her glory so I got within distance and she walked right into me. I felt the jolt and my spirit sprang into a newness. I didn’t need a mirror. I knew exactly what I looked like. I had become who I’ve seen all my dreams. I was her and she was me. We were one. I was complete. I was perfect and God was there smiling, excited to see me become me.

God says, “Whatever you say is yours. You are created in my image. I am that I am and you are that you are . We are one, we are perfect, we are complete. Say what you will, it will become. Speak wisely, there’s authority behind every word. The ground is your harvest, your thoughts are seeds being processed to manifestation. It doesn’t matter the thought. I’ll give you whatever you desire. The grounds boiling because the time is right. You’re in the right place at the right time and your visions becomes life and it’s quickly on the way. Whoever you desire to have this same blessing, I desire it too. It only requires belief in truth. I am truth, life and all that is.”

Plant your seed and watch it manifest, quickly becoming life. All those that believe say Amen!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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