Prayer for today…..

When you learn to dwell in the shelter of the Almighty, you’ve learned the greatest mystery of all!

black_angel_litn.jpgBlessings to you all. You were on my mind and I figured I’d write a little something to tell you how much I love you and pray for the goodness of God to overtake you in a major way. I pray that God open doors that have been padlocked for years and allow you to run through and get everything the enemy thought you’d forgotten about. (Ten fold return) I pray that God reveals His divine plan for your life. I pray that God hears your heart even when your mouth seems paralyzed with grief. I pray that everything you have prayed for becomes manifested in the earthly realm quickly; that only goodness, grace and brand newness abound in your life this day and forever more. I pray that what God has purposed is perfected in you NOW. I pray your mind  is changed and your perceptions are made clear, leaving no room for doubt or deception. I pray your heart’s motives motivate God to move instantly. No weapon formed against you and everything that concerns you will ever prosper, that every tongue that rises against you and everyone that concerns you God condemn and gives you power to do the same. I pray that this prayer touches the heart of God and becomes a sweet-smelling incense to His nostrils and honeycomb within His belly. I declare and decree this day that whatever I pray is done! And all that believe confess by saying Amen & Selah!!
Prayer changes you and you’ll soon change things around you. The fervent prayers of the righteous avails much!
Much Love,
Tracy B



2 Replies to “Prayer for today…..”

  1. Man I missed reading and writing. I have been out of my the blog loop for awhile.
    Great post and prayer is truly the best ❤ 🙂

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