My bad days are good for me…….

Sometimes we make the wrong choices to get to the right place!

1497241_452143554908401_1073775498_n-2I know many of you, like me have pondered the question what’s life all about. What is this day even about, this minute, this very second? We’ve all asked the question hoping somewhere in our subconscious mind we’ll get the mysterious answer. When we pray we must always believe we have received the answer immediately upon asking. We must also believe there is an appointed time set for the answered prayer to manifest in our reality. We must never forget God hears us and is able to do what we’ve asked, what we’re asking and what we will ask. Even when we make a bad decision or follow the lead of the enemy, it still leads us back to God.  There’s no mistake that bad to turn God away from loving us. We are His children, His blessed creation, His first love. He takes the mistake or decision you feel the worst about and turns it into your greatest blessing, pushing you into your ordained promise, which is the right place to be. Never fear, all things are working together for our good, even the bad stuff.

God is truly in control! #BelieveThat

Much Love,

Tracy B


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