Thanks for teaching me……

I’ve learned to listen to Him every second!

Over the past few weeks things have gotten intense and peaceful in my world. I’ve noticed my dreams are more frequent and full of messages. I’ve noticed my attitude is more peaceful and full of constant testing. I’ve noticed life is truly what I desire to make of it and take from it. The key to all of this is I’ve noticed! I use to fly off the handle with the slightest change in plan or difference in opinion. I couldn’t understand how people could think differently than I do. After all, I thought my way is pretty much common sense and factual and who could disagree with that. LOL! Well I was wrong in that stinky thinking and I’m thankful God showed me the error of my ways.

management-training-listening-skills1When you go back to where you came from God shows you the origination of why and how things came to be. I heard Him say “Just listen. Don’t speak. Observe with your eyes only and take in the lesson I’m about to put on display.” Well I did what was asked without hesitation and learned I was a bully when it came to my opinion, my way of doing things, and my way of dealing with others. I was shocked and appalled at the same time. I couldn’t believe I behaved in such an ill manner. I had no tolerance, patience or virtue. BUT GOD!

Learning is a beautiful thing when God is the teacher. There’s never a test to hard because He’s always with you, giving you the answers because each test is open book. If you would just put your trust solely in Him, abide in the shelter of Him, rest upon Him then life becomes peaceful, easy to live, and all things become new.

You’re never to old to learn!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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