A new consciousness…..

The people in your life aren’t the source of your problems, the forces of darkness are.

My life is a reflection of my consciousness.  If I am feeling unhappy with my circumstances, I don’t linger in disappointment or discouragement like I used to, but rather I rejoice in the discovery that I can change my life by shifting my consciousness. If I don’t like the film that is playing, I can simply change the reel!

Far_away_from_Home_by_ArthurBlueI use to blame others for what was happening in my life and neglected to believe what God said. He tells us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but darkness of authority in high places. That passage took awhile for me to truly comprehend because truthfully I didn’t want to. It was impossible for me to see outside of the tangible person that stood in front of me trying to hurt me, either with words, actions or deeds. This set up a consciousness of “the world is out to get me” and with that thought I was against the world.

To shift my consciousness, God made me examine my beliefs. Do I believe I am deserving of love? Do I believe I am one with God? He forced me to repeat this practice until my consciousness shifted and I began to see the dawn of a new day. I am deserving of everything God has for me and no man can take what He has to offer.

I pray that God gives you a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you come to know Him and shift your consciousness and see the dawn of a new day!

Much Love,

Tracy B


2 thoughts on “A new consciousness…..

  1. Kevin

    As I read your blogs I can “see” the journey of growth you are on and am proud of your openness as you deal with life on a daily basis. Keep up the positive outlook on life in the face of adversity. Send only positive energy to the universe and positive things will come to you. GOD bless.

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