Turn your back so I can see God!!

I can be upset about so much, but I’d rather not!

In fact I choose to give God the glory for it all. It may not all make sense but I know it’s all working for our good; me and my children. See, God gave them over to me to raise, teach, guide and lead but I can never forgot God initiated this. Some days I feel like they’re just mine, like I created them. I tend to think that they, just like I, have no beginning or end. God created all of us. Sure, there was a BIG BANG right after God spoke He needed some light. He is God!!

PenguinsLife has thrown some curve balls but I’m a great batter. Life has even sent me through some deep valleys but I wasn’t alone and never will be. I know that God is with me, with us and that’s more than enough. I’m saying this because folk I thought would be there, wasn’t. Maybe it’s because of the labels that have been placed on us with stipulations and speculations but thank God for revelation.  I realize now the doors that closed, God closed them because He knows it’s no good for us. However, the door we enter is the one God opened for us and no man can or will close it. I speak of me and my children as one because we are. I can feel their hurt and pain just as they can feel mine. I even know what’s being said without them saying a word. We’re just connected like that. So for all that have turned their back, talked their smack, lied their lies, and planned their traps, God sees you and will handle you accordingly. I realize more and more it’s not our battle to fight but our mission to stand. We must stand in belief, stand in faith, stand with patience and endure this race. God is able to do what HE said He would do. He will fulfill every promise to you. Don’t give up on God because He’ll never give up on you. HE’s able!!!

Words to live by…. What man wont do God always will!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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