More than thankful for all things…….

As the song says “As good as God has been to me I can’t afford not to bless His name”

images-101Things are not how I would desire them to be but they are not how they use to be.  God has and is still so good to me, my family and friends. HE has been better to me than I could or would ever be to myself. He causes the sun to shine, the moon to light the dark nights, and the wind to blow my troubles away. HE continues to keep me from dangers seen and unseen. He continues to provide grace and mercy and it’s new on a daily basis. HE continues to give me beautiful flowers to smell along my journey and beautiful art as I look toward the skies. God bailed me out of a troubled past, a prison of what folk think of me and how I felt about myself. I am no longer the same. I’m not perfect but I’m promised perfection.  I’m not flawless but I’m promised a future of no blemish, spots or wrinkles. I’m not rich but I’m promised riches and houses of royalty that I didn’t even build. What a mighty God we serve.  I’m thankful for it all. The good definitely out ways the bad and I have no room or tolerance to complain.

As for me and my house, we WILL serve the LORD.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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