Belief is power……

Who will you believe? 

Scripture teaches that  even Jesus didn’t want to do certain task but because of His love for the Father He obeyed.  Because of His trust He took action.

Waterfall34-2There’s someone reading this right now who God has given a specific task to do but your fear has caused doubts.  The doubts have caused you to become stagnant, paralyzed and powerless.  You feel like you’ve waited to long, it’s to late, that God has moved on and given your blessing to someone else. That’s not true! What God has for you is ONLY for you. Your name is written all over it and if anyone else tries to touch, taint or take it they will fail. God designed your blessing so that you alone will benefit. What are you waiting for?

God has given you the green light, why haven’t you jumped? 

Much Love,
Tracy B


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