Daily blessings for who????……….

Until you learn the lesson,  forget about getting the blessing.

There’s nothing to deep about this statement. It’s just pretty much truth.  How can you be blessed if you haven’t learned you were cursed?  How can you be wrong if you don’t know what’s right or vice versa. It’s simple right? Not always, at least not with me. I believed I should receive the blessing just going through the test. I thought I should receive an E for my effort. So I thought I’d ask God about this if and then factor that’s before me. “God listen, some of the test are pretty scary. I don’t always know if I’ll make it out alive but You’re telling me I have to learn a lesson before I can get my blessing? That sounds like a long wait of struggle to get what exactly?”

Snip81“Tracy, what will you gain from getting all you want without going through all you have to?  How can you learn without a teacher? How can you hear without ears? How can things grow without seed? How can you grow without Me? Think about this….your daughter wants her license and you want her to have it but not without going through the steps it take. You’re not just going to hand her your car keys and say teach yourself, come back when you’re ready for the test. That’s ludicrous! Before she can even take the driver test she has to pass the written test of knowledge. Even the DMV require you learn the lesson before getting the luxury of driving. I haven’t heard you question their tactics, you just do the requirements. There is a lesson to be learned each day of your life because there’s a blessing to be given each day of your life. Learn the lesson and get the daily blessings. Have I ever lied to you before?”

There’s a blessing everyday with your name on it. So you’re to blessed to stress off senseless mess!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B