I see YOU working….

Thank you God for everything!  

I know it seems dark at this moment.  It seems as if  there is no hope, like all is lost.  It seems as if one more thing happens you’re going to break.  I know what you mean.  I’m there with you but we are not alone.  God is always with us.  Even if we were to make our beds in hell, God will still be with us.  You don’t believe me?  Well, have you ever sinned?  And you’re here to tell about it, yeah God was with you.  You and I could have easily died in our sins, bad choices, hellish actions, whatever you want to call it, but we are here in fellowship together.  And because we are here today means we have time to set into motion a better tomorrow.  We may not all get to see the “promise land” but we can make sure it’s here for our children and children’s children to see.

the-peekerTruly it appears we are living in a dark hour and we are without hope but that’s because we are looking at it without God.  Without God we see smoke screens and fogged images.  We see millions of mirrors all reflecting the same dark image.  We see war and terrorism with no resolution of any peaceful union.  Without God we see our power is a minimum of none while the wicked has all the power, authority, leadership and pretty much rules the earth. Without God we see we are without hope but that’s because we are looking at it without God.

With God in the equation the blinders come off and the fog and smoke disappears. You will see certain things had to and have to happen to avoid bigger issues. You will see resolution before you see war.  You will see war is overcome with love. With God you see what the wicked has in store and you realize you’re sorry for them and began to have love and compassion. You will see love is power over any authority, leadership, or anyone or thing that names itself power. You will see God is in control and making BIG moves with little effort, so to some it may seem He’s not doing anything but it’s nothing to HIM. He is God! With God you see hope, joy, peace, kindness and mirrors of light all reflecting a brighter image.  Now you’re looking at things the right way.

God is in control. Look at HIM work!

Much Love,

Tracy B





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