Based on what is being taught……..

There’s just so much going on in this world and it all started back where I’m from. 

america-2My heart and brain is heavy with emotions. I have emotions of anger, rage, love and war. It’s conflicting I tell you. I am at war within because of what I see outwardly.  Since the beginning of my history, based on “American History”, I learned blacks beginning was slavery.  We were born into slavery.  We’ve always been labeled something other than human. In fact, our comparison was close to animals.  Our treatment was fairly the same. We were taught we’re nothing but maybe a third human but mostly slaves, beggars, animals or whatever you can think of in lesser value.  Based on the book we were nothing more.  In this same book, we were taught that whites were our masters, rulers, keepers, and oppressors.  They even had pictures of the mistreatment in the”American History” book. They showed how whites hung blacks from trees, dogs attacked and ate us for trying to escape to a better life. Blacks couldn’t learn to read, write, or even call each other by their birth names. We were called niggers, boy, porch monkeys, coons, and whatever else derogatory you could/can think of. White men rapped black women, beat them, killed their babies if they became pregnant and even ripped up the family.  White men took black fathers from the home and disrespected them in front of their sons, daughters and wives.  This is nothing I’m making up, but I was taught this in the “American History” book.  Fast forward today 2014 –  Blacks are wearing the label of rappers, thugs, gang bangers, thieves, murders while still being called niggers.  If what I and our children are being taught in the “American History” book is true then whites are actually rappers, thugs, gang bangers, thieves, murders and oppressors of blacks. When did the tables turn?

I’m not saying this to start any riots or wars but I’m just trying to get an understanding of where blacks went wrong. What have we done so horrible to make others so angry? What have we done to make others want to kill us? When did we become the oppressors? Why are we feared if we’re not even considered a full human?  What’s so evil about us that we can’t even walk this earth without being attacked because of the color of our skin? After all, we’re nothing based on “American History”…..  Think about this for a moment.

I’m for love, love of all mankind. Your color doesn’t matter but how you treat me does. God created us all and is in control of it all! Stop with the stereotypes and get to know everyone without judgement. We really can all get along if we show LOVE!

“Judging a book by it’s cover only shows your limitations in reading. I’m just saying…..”

Much Love,

Tracy B


One Reply to “Based on what is being taught……..”

  1. You are 100% correct!! The evilness of too many whites especially the ones in “Power” are fearful of becoming the minority and the ramifications of their treacherous deeds. They are in FACT still the Real thugs of the World, the rapist, gang bangers, thieves, and murders! They have consistently been all of these things since the days of stealing this continent from the Native Americans, whom they have the nerve to call savages. They love to re-write history right in front of our eyes! They attempt to deflect the public’s eye off of themselves in an attempt to stay in power. Other nations of the world are growing more and more tired of the U.S. and they try to include all of us when its only them who the world is tired of. When they call us all these horrible names and continue to take from others their days are numbered and they know it. Their fear, guilt and greed will one day come crashing down upon them.

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