It ends when love begins…………


stlouis10n-6-web-441x900-2I’m hurt once again by the lack of LOVE this world experience on a daily basis.

Another young man gunned down for nothing more than pure hatred.

See, I’m a St. Louis native and found the news disturbingly frustrating.

People are growing tired of the same ole same ole.

Doesn’t matter that you don’t have a weapon, they’re still killing souls.

They call it ‘stand your ground’ but how can they feel threatened when they’re holding the weapons?

I thought the police’s job was to protect and serve

but the roles have changed and now they’re bullies walking this earth.

The authority of the blue suit, fast car and peculiar badge means nothing when God decides to bring some karma/consequences to your evil task!!!


Please pray for the Brown family. It’s a sad time for America. We can not allow hate to take over the world when God has filled us ALL with love.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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