You want to climb this level?…..

I really do love great music!

I would like to think my greatest collections are movies and music. I love to curl up and watch a great movie just as well as dance to a great song. Since we’ve had so many things happen to music I’ve just settled for listening to ‘as my daughter calls it’ back in the day music. The music had a message back then, it told a story, it meant something and left you wanting more. Now, I’m not saying great artist don’t exist today but I am saying we don’t hear about them. They’re not even in rotation for radio play. It’s amazing what the dark  powers that be want us to hear and how often they want us to hear it.  But, I never did like the dark powers that be. They’ve always had control issues and I hate feeling as if I’m being controlled so I rebel by search for artist that give me what I seek and feed me what I crave.  I found that in Mali Music @MaliMusic (twitter)

This artist is superb and he’s taking music to a level I’m willing to climb.

Take rest in each day knowing there’s FIRE on the inside waiting to ignite on the outside.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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