Don’t confuse God’s sovereignty with your situation……..

There is truly nothing to hard for God to do. 

stock-vector-parents-angry-at-their-child-because-of-test-fail-vector-illustration-84380941-1Do you really believe your circumstance is that big that even God can’t fix? So, to believe that is to also believe there is someone or something greater, bigger than God. Have you made your situation an idol? Has your circumstance become the thing you praise and pacify? Has God been disqualified because you’re dissatisfied with how long you’ve been waiting? Does time even matter to God?

I’ve found what matters to my Father God on a daily is will I trust Him completely with everything. Will I give all my cares over to Him to bear and set me free? Will I allow Him to lead me along the path of His righteousness (not man’s) for His name’s sake? I did it and still do but it doesn’t come easy but each day I understand more. It was a struggle mentally because my reality showed me differently than my dreams. I wanted to trust God for financial increase but getting doors closed made me doubt it. I wanted to trust God with my mate but every time someone came into my life it had an ending so I doubted it. I wanted to believe God for business opportunities but kept running into scams so I doubted it.Then God spoke ….

“You can’t say you’re more than a conqueror if you’ve never had complications. The only way you can be a conqueror is to have had an obstacle, complication, struggle, or challenge you’ve conquered. The only way to truly live is to know someday you will die. It’s not as complex as you make it.  Change your mental perception of it. Your mind is powerful and will play you if you’re not careful. Whatever you desire to have – speak it, write it, scream it, wear it as a banner around you as long as you believe it belongs to you. Circumstances don’t matter to me. I’ll use whatever and whoever I’d like to get a blessing to you!” 

Don’t be confused or depressed by reality when none of it matters to God.  He moves off our  “faith” movements and I can no longer be still.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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