No regrets………

Can you live with regrets????

The last conversation I had with my father, before he transitioned to eternal life, still rings in my head.

images-106 “Baby, I have lived my life.  All I want from you is to take care of my grandchildren. Be there for my grandson and love on my granddaughter. Don’t cry for me because I have no regrets. I did everything I wanted to do and I’m ok!”.

“But daddy I don’t want you to go”.

“I don’t want to hear all of that. Just do what I asked. I love you and will talk with you later.”

Later never came but he made me ok with it.  He gave me important instructions that I must adhere to. I don’t want to live with regrets of not doing something I’ve always wanted to try or live with regrets of what I’ve done that maybe I shouldn’t have. And if that does happen then I have the power to forgive my mistake and keep it moving. I don’t want regrets of anything because that’s not living, that’s merely existing. I’m not saying I want to live life on the edge, or take all kinds of silly risk, but I am saying I want to LIVE my life to the fullest. My dad made mistakes, he was not perfect, but he did enjoy life by simply living.

Do what you want, be bold, be spontaneous, be blessed with no regrets. LIVE!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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