It’s a love thing and it keeps spreading……

2nd Annual Family Awards  – It’s been a long time coming but the day has come and gone and all that remains is love.

What’s Family Awards you ask? It’s an idea I dreamed of back in 2005. I remember being in the back of this room full of gray padded chairs with slender back, fancy cream-colored table cloths and a freshly stained podium. My mother, father and aunt were in the room with a host of family members spread throughout. I heard someone being honored so I walked into the room more.  My aunt Ruth got up and received her certificate along with a beautiful red rose. Her  face lit up. She was excited to receive such an honor. I jumped up out my sleep and began writing it all down and magic happened. I decided it was time to celebrate the family and so I did. The first Family Awards was more so honoring the older women and men of family. The turn out was great. We had food, fun and laughter.  Once I moved to Georgia I stopped and only mentioned it in conversation.  Then life happened and our family experienced so many deaths I felt it was my purpose and duty to put this dream back into reality. I called up my little cousin, who is more like a little brother, and we began planning things out. The idea got larger and we added categories, dj, home cooked soul food, entertainment and a way to incorporate all to be honored for accomplishments. We added trophies, laminated certificates, red carpet walk with a poster board of deceased loved ones to take your picture next to. Of course we suffer from dysfunction, some hatred, some bitterness, some clicks within the family but that’s fine with me. We’re not perfect but we spark and that’s worth being celebrated. Family Awards is about being recognized by all within the family to brag about, celebrate and support. yj1-2

Of course there were some hiccups along the way but that was to be expected. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy so I was expecting an obstacle or two. However, I know what God has purposed for me will be fulfilled just as He purposed and promised. See, God came so that I may have life and He desires my life to be in abundance, not lacking anything.  The abundance of peace, joy, purpose, love, money, patience and much more is His desire for me. The day came and the family arrived. The room was filled with apprehensions and a little tension but God! All that remains from the event is hearts filled with love and eagerly anticipating the 3rd Annual Family Awards. I will have some pictures for you soon 🙂 Do you think it’s something you would want to do with your family?

I found my purpose and its to spread love through celebrations that will challenge the multitudes to do the same.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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