Answer the question…..

Say to the captives ‘Come Out!’ and to those in darkness ‘Be Free!’

In my study last night God began pulling at my spirit with the words come out, be free. So, I got quiet, thought about it and came to the conclusion this is more than mere words, this is a declaration. a state of mind, a command. God went even further and stated this is a lifestyle and the life HE desires I live.

I have to come out of captivity but how? God said WALK. I have to be free but how? God said END BONDAGE.  You make it sound so simple but You and I both know it’s

“Why must it be complicated? I have given you the same power I possess. Do you think ending bondage or being free is complicated for Me? I don’t have fear – I operate strictly in power and that power comes from faith. Where is your faith?”

Much Love,

Tracy B


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