What is it then…….

Where you going with this??

My daughter asked a question that triggered my intellect. She said “Mom, is this a diary or a blog? I mean, it’s like you’re all over the place. You’re not sticking to one idea. Like, let’s say someone wants to know about business, they will go to a blog that is designed for that need. Now what will they search to come find you? Is there a specific need you’re filling?”

46764nxufoh8b14After a quick chuckle I thought, I can do this, or say that. I can make it strictly this and fill the need for that but I thought more about it and decided not to answer. Instead I changed the subject and decided to blog it. Now let’s see what she calls this. LOL!! Sometimes we don’t always know where to go or what to say but that’s when FAITH steps in and guides your way. 

Enjoying the mystery of where God is leading and thankful for company along the ride!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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