On my own……

Our most common regret is not living a life true to ourself.

WE only have one life to live. Each day I tell myself to live my life for me, go for my dreams, my desires, my wishes of what I want my reality to be, but each day I’m also feeling selfish because of my thoughts. I thought that was the Christian thing to do but God corrected me with these simple words….

warm_waters_by_p0rgDon’t feel like you’re being selfish because you wish to live your life.  I gave you that desire. I know you have a family and feel you need to be there for them and that is true, but if you’re no good for you how can you be beneficial for anyone. I came so that you may have life and the life I desire for you is freedom, abundance, peace, prosperity and purpose. Trust me to lead and guide you into greatness all on your own. You’re not being selfish, you’re seeking! 

Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not a life others expect of you. Rather you start small or superior, just start honoring at least some of your dreams.

Much Love,

Tracy B



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