Snapping and bouncing….

That’s why I rock with you and all I’ve got I give to you!

images-106It’s feeling like Friday in my spirit.  I can’t stop and I wont stop!

Much Love,

Tracy B


Answer the question…..

Say to the captives ‘Come Out!’ and to those in darkness ‘Be Free!’

In my study last night God began pulling at my spirit with the words come out, be free. So, I got quiet, thought about it and came to the conclusion this is more than mere words, this is a declaration. a state of mind, a command. God went even further and stated this is a lifestyle and the life HE desires I live.

I have to come out of captivity but how? God said WALK. I have to be free but how? God said END BONDAGE.  You make it sound so simple but You and I both know it’s

“Why must it be complicated? I have given you the same power I possess. Do you think ending bondage or being free is complicated for Me? I don’t have fear – I operate strictly in power and that power comes from faith. Where is your faith?”

Much Love,

Tracy B

What is it then…….

Where you going with this??

My daughter asked a question that triggered my intellect. She said “Mom, is this a diary or a blog? I mean, it’s like you’re all over the place. You’re not sticking to one idea. Like, let’s say someone wants to know about business, they will go to a blog that is designed for that need. Now what will they search to come find you? Is there a specific need you’re filling?”

46764nxufoh8b14After a quick chuckle I thought, I can do this, or say that. I can make it strictly this and fill the need for that but I thought more about it and decided not to answer. Instead I changed the subject and decided to blog it. Now let’s see what she calls this. LOL!! Sometimes we don’t always know where to go or what to say but that’s when FAITH steps in and guides your way. 

Enjoying the mystery of where God is leading and thankful for company along the ride!

Much Love,

Tracy B

God knows your secret, now what…..

We all have secrets and some are even secret keepers, yet no matter what you still can’t change what happened. 

I watched this sermon yesterday entitled “How 2 Live With What You Can’t Live Down” by Bishop TD Jakes. I sat puzzled with the title but he soon feed my curiosity. He went through topics of judgement, being nurturing, faking freedom, men thinking differently but the one that stood out the most to me was forgiving your own past.  Surely we say out of our mouths that we forgive and let it go but our actions and emotions show we are still harboring the mistake, the secret, the past. How can you live with that? You can never live it down once someone else know your They will wait until you hit success door and get behind you and start rattling off your secrets, your past, your mistakes of yesterday. How can you thrive with all that going on around you? Well, you thrive once you forgive yourself, accept the secret, the mistake, the past and embrace who you are this day! You can’t change it so release it and LIVE.

Allow others to say what they will but know that only what God says will last. Be who you are in God, let all others fall by the wayside. Experience the life God has for you by letting go of the lies of your past.

Much Love Y’all

Tracy B

Grateful for a peek at something special…

Thank you Lord for being awesome this day!

images-104I am grateful that I have God in my life and joy in my heart. I’m grateful for brand new mercy and forgiveness on a daily. I’m grateful for favor from both God and man. I’m grateful that even though nothing looks right, faith says all things are working rightly for my good. I should be sad, depressed, ready to give up or at least half crazy but I chose and still choose to trust God completely.

My heart sings this tune Father God. That’s what this faith thing is all about. I don’t know where You’re leading but I know I’m following closely to get where You’ve destined me to be in the stage of life. I’m grateful the death angel passes US by daily, giving us another chance to start anew.

Let’s call this time preparation for quick promotion. Get ready to fly eagle style all who believe!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

On my own……

Our most common regret is not living a life true to ourself.

WE only have one life to live. Each day I tell myself to live my life for me, go for my dreams, my desires, my wishes of what I want my reality to be, but each day I’m also feeling selfish because of my thoughts. I thought that was the Christian thing to do but God corrected me with these simple words….

warm_waters_by_p0rgDon’t feel like you’re being selfish because you wish to live your life.  I gave you that desire. I know you have a family and feel you need to be there for them and that is true, but if you’re no good for you how can you be beneficial for anyone. I came so that you may have life and the life I desire for you is freedom, abundance, peace, prosperity and purpose. Trust me to lead and guide you into greatness all on your own. You’re not being selfish, you’re seeking! 

Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not a life others expect of you. Rather you start small or superior, just start honoring at least some of your dreams.

Much Love,

Tracy B


Declare Blessings daily………….

A blessing is not a blessing until its declared!

images-105Today, declare a blessing over yourself and others. Speak that blessing in the name of Jesus! Declare you are blessed with your life. Declare today that you are blessed with creativity, courage, talent and abundance. You are blessed with a strong will, self-control and self-discipline. You are blessed with a great family, good friends, good health , faith, favor, and fulfillment. You are blessed with success, supernatural strength, promotion and divine protection. You are blessed with a compassionate hearth and a positive outlook on life. Declare that any curse or negative word that ‘s ever been spoke over you is broken right now in the name of Jesus. Declare that everything you put your hand to is going to prosper and succeed. Declare it today and every day!

Teach me to consistently believe in and declare Your blessings over my life and the lives of those around me. (Joel Osteen)

Much Love and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy B