This is how it unfolded because I expected it…..

I told you I was expecting favor, miracles and abundant blessings.

Well, I kept that attitude all day and here’s how my day unfolded.  I went in to work and found a parking spot right in front of the office. I was ecstatic about that because I didn’t want to carry my heavy laptop a long ways. Then when I got into the office my co-workers surprised me with a ticket to the Hawks vs. Pacer’s playoff game.  The owner and co-worker closed up shop early and took me out to  Hudson Grille, paid for my parking, my meal and whatever else I thought I wanted. I couldn’t believe it but I embraced all of it!

We finally made it to the game and oh my, what great seats we had. I saw everything and everyone up close.  Vince D. Herbert,  2Chainz, Big Tigga and many others were they’re cheering for their team. The fans were loud and proud and the atmosphere was electric.

After watching the Hawks defeat the Pacers they wanted me to hear some live Jazz. Of course I was going to attend. It was mesmerizing at Church Hill. The music was lovely, the environment was calming and the company was soothing to my soul.  I thanked God for favor while smiling all the way home.

Favor aint fair, but it’s ours to embrace IF you expect it.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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