Still on the potter’s wheel……

Who do you say I am?

“Tracy, who do you say I am? Have you seen My glory? Do you believe I am that I am?”  

After careful consideration, I answered. “You are my Father,  mother, friend, lawyer and whatever/whoever I need You to be.”

“Is that all I am?”

“Well no, not particularly. You are everything and all things to me. Is that not enough?”

“Is it enough for you or will I stay limited?”

“No, to be everything and all things has no limit. I’m not following what You’re really asking me. It’s never really simple so what should I say, or how should I see You?”

“I only desire the truth. You are speaking words that are great to hear but your heart says something else, your spirit believes something else, your mind thinks something else and your life reflects it. So, tell me your truth.”

“Ok, I don’t view you as father or mother because they were tangible and I was able to talk with them whenever about whatever. As far as the lawyer situation, not so much either because things didn’t reflect You were on my side. The whatever/whoever, well that’s true. When things are well You’re everything and when things are horrible its Your fault with all things. After all, You are in control and I trust You to make things happen so if it don’t happen then who should I look to? But, we discussed this and I realized my perspective was wrong so I thought I was placed back on the potter’s wheel to be made over. What’s the problem now?”

You still wont trust Me completely. You still think I’m not working all things for your good. You believe that what you have done or didn’t do caused some sort of separation with Us. You have not forgiven yourself. You’re bound to what you’re holding because you think it’s best and what you deserve. You must let go now!”

images-2“Everyday God it’s something. When will I have this thing right? I’m trying!”

“That’s where you’re going wrong Tracy. Stop trying. It’s simple but you’re complicating it with fear and disbelief! When you really trust ME, then you will see the real ME and know exactly who I am and who you are. I’m only correcting you because I love you.”

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all your ways, and HE shall direct you!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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