Change is now……….

No time for negativity. I can’t breathe in that air. It pollutes my spirit and darkens my soul. It paralyzes me. 

I was talking with a friend and he said something profound and simple. “You need to cut all ties with negativity, regardless of who it is or where its coming from.” I shook my head in agreement and allowed it to soak into my spirit and challenge my mind. Then, within a matter of seconds the same person that told me to get rid of the negativity was the main person bringing the negative to my presence. So I took his words and applied them.  He said “I know I need to self reflect and I will take the time to do that one day.”

” I don’t have time to reflect, all I have is right now. I see where I am now. I’ve reflected and decided that change is inevitable, its necessary, it’s now. I can’t stay in this mess another day. I NEED things to change because I’m sick of things as they are right now. I don’t need this to happen one day, I need it today! You and I are cool but the time has come for this to end.” I exhaled, he gasped. He never thought his words would also be his demise.


images-20If you see the problem, no matter who or what it is, make the change immediately. It’s for your good! 

Much Love,

Tracy B


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