May it be….

Happy Wednesday!

May the stars shine bright upon you tonight. May the moon light your pathway as you walk into greatness. May the trees provide pure oxygen as you inhale success one breath at a time. May God continue to bless you and your family while preparing you for His blessed promise.


May you touch and agree so that God can allow this to be!

Much Love,

Tracy B


You know you’re a star……

This is the day the Lord has made and I’m rejoicing while dancing in it. 

This new song from Tank is crazy! I love it!!

I’m a STAR!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Staying the course aint hard when you’re holding God’s hand….

Distractions can’t separate me from the love of God!

I have been on this path of internal happiness for a short time. I’ve seen miracles take place, mysteries unfold, heard God’s voice clear, obeyed and embraced all the blessings along the way.  Each day has been wonderful. I expect joy and I receive joy. I expect peace and I receive peace. I expect favor and I receive favor. I expect sales, sales, and more sales and I receive sales, sales and more are on the way. It’s all working for my good because it’s what I expect. However, I’ve noticed that on this happy path others are not always happy for you, with you, or even about you. In fact, others are secretly and even boldly despising you with a smile on their face and love flowing from their lips while hatred fills their heart. I don’t know what to call these pretenders that will categorize them all the same except distractions, so that’s it.

images-56Distractions aren’t just people. It could be a familiar place that you think you can go to and not fall victim. It could be a thing that as soon as you’re near it, you’re on it. It could take just a taste, touch, smell, hearing, or seeing it that triggers you. They always seem to come when you’re doing something against the grain. When you wish to operate in happiness be aware depression lurks around the corner. When you want peace, distractions are at war. When you want joy, distractions want pain. When you want freedom, distractions want bondage. But it’s up to you and I to stay focused on the path regardless and even if we fail it’s alright, that’s why God is ever-present. He is aware because nothing catches Him by surprise.

Keep walking on the focused path, eliminating all distractions, knowing God has paved the way for you!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Can’t help who you love…..

The heart lives in a world of its own, no control, can’t help who you love!

Today is wonderful, truly a present. I’m excited and expecting greatness to unfold throughout.

Don’t deny the gift you’re given. Your life is yours to create so enjoy your Saturday. 🙂  Thanks for your support and I love you for loving me.

Unwrap this present day and see what the near future holds!

Much Love,

Tracy B

This is how it unfolded because I expected it…..

I told you I was expecting favor, miracles and abundant blessings.

Well, I kept that attitude all day and here’s how my day unfolded.  I went in to work and found a parking spot right in front of the office. I was ecstatic about that because I didn’t want to carry my heavy laptop a long ways. Then when I got into the office my co-workers surprised me with a ticket to the Hawks vs. Pacer’s playoff game.  The owner and co-worker closed up shop early and took me out to  Hudson Grille, paid for my parking, my meal and whatever else I thought I wanted. I couldn’t believe it but I embraced all of it!

We finally made it to the game and oh my, what great seats we had. I saw everything and everyone up close.  Vince D. Herbert,  2Chainz, Big Tigga and many others were they’re cheering for their team. The fans were loud and proud and the atmosphere was electric.

After watching the Hawks defeat the Pacers they wanted me to hear some live Jazz. Of course I was going to attend. It was mesmerizing at Church Hill. The music was lovely, the environment was calming and the company was soothing to my soul.  I thanked God for favor while smiling all the way home.

Favor aint fair, but it’s ours to embrace IF you expect it.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Simple things…..

It’s a beautiful day for miracles, favor and abundant blessings.

I’m enjoying the sunshine while I wait on God to unfold the mystery of today!

The vision is for an appointed time. Though it tarry, wait earnestly for it, for it will surely come. –images-17Habakkuk 2:3

Much Love,

Tracy B

Power of forgiveness…..

Forgiving doesn’t make you weak, it makes you powerful!

I use to think if I forgave folk for what they did to me I would be viewed as a weak pushover and those same folk would continue in their bad behaviour. So, I didn’t want to forgive. I didn’t want to be viewed as anything other than strong and a warrior. I believed that as long as I stayed angry I had power and if they were in my presence I left them looking stupid by his/herself. I didn’t know how wrong I was until God spoke to me.

book covr“Unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment blocks the flow of My blessings in your life. Holding on to the hurts of past can poison your present and limit your future. The enemy will try to use your past to influence your actions and responses. Unforgiveness and fear will paralyze you and run guilt and shame through your bloodstream. You are not defined by your past. Let go of these emotional wounds and open the door to the life of victory I have planned for you. Trade your sorrow for joy, your shame for peace, your insecurities for victory and your unforgiveness for power. I see you as a overcomer, a champion, a victor and free. Walk in your freedom! Forgive all and live the good life. Do you trust me?”

“Thank you for Your love, correction and guidance. I know You desire what’s best for me so I forgive all and walk in Your planned purpose for my life!”

Let all bitterness, indignation, wrath, resentment, quarreling and slander (evil speaking, abusive or blasphemous language) be banished from you…. Remove the blinds of unforgiveness and walk in  the freedom of power.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Still on the potter’s wheel……

Who do you say I am?

“Tracy, who do you say I am? Have you seen My glory? Do you believe I am that I am?”  

After careful consideration, I answered. “You are my Father,  mother, friend, lawyer and whatever/whoever I need You to be.”

“Is that all I am?”

“Well no, not particularly. You are everything and all things to me. Is that not enough?”

“Is it enough for you or will I stay limited?”

“No, to be everything and all things has no limit. I’m not following what You’re really asking me. It’s never really simple so what should I say, or how should I see You?”

“I only desire the truth. You are speaking words that are great to hear but your heart says something else, your spirit believes something else, your mind thinks something else and your life reflects it. So, tell me your truth.”

“Ok, I don’t view you as father or mother because they were tangible and I was able to talk with them whenever about whatever. As far as the lawyer situation, not so much either because things didn’t reflect You were on my side. The whatever/whoever, well that’s true. When things are well You’re everything and when things are horrible its Your fault with all things. After all, You are in control and I trust You to make things happen so if it don’t happen then who should I look to? But, we discussed this and I realized my perspective was wrong so I thought I was placed back on the potter’s wheel to be made over. What’s the problem now?”

You still wont trust Me completely. You still think I’m not working all things for your good. You believe that what you have done or didn’t do caused some sort of separation with Us. You have not forgiven yourself. You’re bound to what you’re holding because you think it’s best and what you deserve. You must let go now!”

images-2“Everyday God it’s something. When will I have this thing right? I’m trying!”

“That’s where you’re going wrong Tracy. Stop trying. It’s simple but you’re complicating it with fear and disbelief! When you really trust ME, then you will see the real ME and know exactly who I am and who you are. I’m only correcting you because I love you.”

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all your ways, and HE shall direct you!

Much Love,

Tracy B

It’s unexplainable but exciting….

I’m excited about it. 

Each morning, since God’s revelation, I’ve prayed for a miracle no matter how big or small. I thank Him for each day, each second. I glorify Him by smiling at everyone I see and helping as many as I can. I can feel the difference in each day.  I can tell it’s brand new and full of mercy and grace. This is an unexplainable love relationship.  WE love, we compromise, we disagree, I walk away, HE pulls me back and loves me even greater. No one has ever made me feel this way and I’m excited about it.  the-world-as-i-see-it

Embrace each day with excitement watching your miracles unfold!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Focus On The Future…..

Do not cast away your confidence for it will be richly rewarded!

God is constantly trying to plant new seeds of victory inside of you. He’s trying to increase you and enlarge your vision.  He wants to take you to new levels of victory.  But in order for this to happen, the seed has to take root in your heart.  Before you’re ever going to be successful, you’ve got to see yourself being successful. Before your dreams come to pass, you’ve got to look through your eyes of faith and see them coming to pass.

The enemy doesn’t want you to fulfill your destiny, so he immediately tries to discourage you and uproot the seed God planted.  In order to defeat the enemy in your life, you have to stay focused on God’s promises. Constantly meditate on His promises, live a life that is pleasing no matter what the circumstances look like.  Before long, you’ll begin to see the dreams God placed in your heart come to pass- dreams filled with blessing and victory!

My prayer– I commit my thoughts to You God and purpose in my heart to stay focused on You and the good plans You have for me. Remind me of Your word, Your promise, Your purpose so I can fill my heart with victory today!

Much Love,

Tracy B