Breaking the cycle………..

Here I am with a different perspective again!!!

I must admit I’m angry with God, His timing, His word, His anything. It’s like I’m doing everything He’s asking of me, when He ask, but I have to be patient and wait for manifestation. I’m considered disobedient when He ask and I’m delayed in action but I can always expect to wait for His action. I mean it’s not fair to me and I need to see a BIG move from God immediately.  I decided I would talk at Him about the matter, not to Him because I’m so over talking.

“So with you everything’s a wait but with me it’s do it now. You think that’s fair to someone you’re trying to tell have faith, control, trust and everything else? This seems conditional but You told me Your word is true, truth, living and ready to be proven. The little blessings I get or soon overshadowed by circumstances and struggles before I can even praise You for it. Doesn’t seem fair. Oh, that’s right, you’re not fair, you’re just. Well, I’ve had just about enough of that. ”

alone-with-the-moon“Do you really THINK you’ve had enough? This is all on you, how you see it, how you think it, or your words, perceive it. As long as you think you’re waiting then keep on waiting but if you believe My words then you also believe you receive things when you pray, immediately! Your life and reality will reflect it. But you feel you are in lack that’s why you’re anxious for things. You feel incomplete, insecure and inadequate but it’s because you don’t believe the cycle has been broken. You asked Me to do something new in you and your family, well all things require things. My word is true. To whom I give, I require just as much and you know this. I am God, I don’t scare easily or at all. I aint quiet, just not going to keep saying the same thing. Everything you need is at your grasp. I have done what you asked as soon as you asked and you’re blaming me for your disbelief and impatience. You MUST believe it, think it, see it and walk in it. After all, your reality reflects your thoughts. Any more questions, statements, complaints?”

Just one. Will you forgive me, keep me focused when distractions come so they don’t overtake me, keep me balanced when life pushes me from side to side, keep my hands raised when I feel like folding them or even throwing in the towel, and let the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight?

“I knew you would ask. All is well.”

Maybe what I’ve been through can help you who’s going through. It’s only as bad as we THINK. 

Much Love,

Tracy B


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