A breath of positivity….

If you’re not positive you’re trying to kill me!

Every breathe we take serves as the purpose of oxygen to the brain, lungs and heart as it flows through the blood. Each beat of the heart plays its own tune of life and light, while each blink of the eye makes your sight clearer.  One thing has nothing to do with the other, some may argue, but my opinion is the value of  each function is of great importance to my existence. If one malfunctions, the others will soon follow suit and without good oxygen there’s no good life or life at all.  Here’s an example of what I mean…

images-42You breath in negative oxygen and it flows to your brain. The brain now sends that negativity to your lungs, heart and now it’s flowing through your bloodstream. Each heart beats its tune of doom, destruction and darkness. There’s no light so you lose sight and can no longer blink to clear your vision. It all becomes clouded and clotted. The blood is now infected with clots of negativity and plugs the heart. The oxygen is cut off and life ends. What a bitter pill to swallow!

Change the air you breath by surrounding yourself with positivity, inhaling good oxygen that gives continued life and guaranteed success!!.  

Much Love,

Tracy B




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