You need this storm…..

Before I realized the truth, I lived a lie.

I walked around sad, confused, and cursing the very life God provided. There were days I didn’t even want to wake up and see the sun shine, smell the flowers, or reveal the enigma within the clouds. I wanted to stay in the dark, the corner of the room, the black hole in the wall and live just like that. Who could blame me really? I had so much going on. Everything that could happen did happen. Whatever could go wrong did go wrong and I was completely helpless. I vented with every conversation and crying seemed to be my only emotion. I didn’t see a way out but God! He spoke

“Sometimes storms come to shift and move you into position of power, prestige and purpose. You are set aside for a special work. You are different and the opinions of others do not define you. The truth is freedom while lies are bondage. You’ve been bound to long. Come out of the lies of the dark and walk into the light of truth. All things are working for your good. I have a special work for you to do and to get you there fast I have to move the winds, shake the mountains, rage the sea. Watch out for the new things, pay attention to the signs, guard your heart and bridle your tongue. I did it before and I’m doing it again.”

 I’m in the storm but now I’m riding it out and enjoying the mystery of it all.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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