Breaking the cycle………..

Here I am with a different perspective again!!!

I must admit I’m angry with God, His timing, His word, His anything. It’s like I’m doing everything He’s asking of me, when He ask, but I have to be patient and wait for manifestation. I’m considered disobedient when He ask and I’m delayed in action but I can always expect to wait for His action. I mean it’s not fair to me and I need to see a BIG move from God immediately.  I decided I would talk at Him about the matter, not to Him because I’m so over talking.

“So with you everything’s a wait but with me it’s do it now. You think that’s fair to someone you’re trying to tell have faith, control, trust and everything else? This seems conditional but You told me Your word is true, truth, living and ready to be proven. The little blessings I get or soon overshadowed by circumstances and struggles before I can even praise You for it. Doesn’t seem fair. Oh, that’s right, you’re not fair, you’re just. Well, I’ve had just about enough of that. ”

alone-with-the-moon“Do you really THINK you’ve had enough? This is all on you, how you see it, how you think it, or your words, perceive it. As long as you think you’re waiting then keep on waiting but if you believe My words then you also believe you receive things when you pray, immediately! Your life and reality will reflect it. But you feel you are in lack that’s why you’re anxious for things. You feel incomplete, insecure and inadequate but it’s because you don’t believe the cycle has been broken. You asked Me to do something new in you and your family, well all things require things. My word is true. To whom I give, I require just as much and you know this. I am God, I don’t scare easily or at all. I aint quiet, just not going to keep saying the same thing. Everything you need is at your grasp. I have done what you asked as soon as you asked and you’re blaming me for your disbelief and impatience. You MUST believe it, think it, see it and walk in it. After all, your reality reflects your thoughts. Any more questions, statements, complaints?”

Just one. Will you forgive me, keep me focused when distractions come so they don’t overtake me, keep me balanced when life pushes me from side to side, keep my hands raised when I feel like folding them or even throwing in the towel, and let the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight?

“I knew you would ask. All is well.”

Maybe what I’ve been through can help you who’s going through. It’s only as bad as we THINK. 

Much Love,

Tracy B


My song, my determination, my happiness…….

This song is amazing.

Do you have a song that takes you into another world each time you hear it? Well, maybe not another world but at least to a happy place?

I have one that’s fairly new but this can play everyday. If I had my way this is how my day with this song would play out.  I want to sleep and dream about it, then wake up dancing to it. Next, I want to get in my car, turn on the radio and hear it on every station.  While at work, I want to hear it blaring on the elevator and throughout the office all day.  And it’s all because I’m determined to be Happy!

Music really is a universal language and it’s spreading love, joy and happiness everywhere!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

A breath of positivity….

If you’re not positive you’re trying to kill me!

Every breathe we take serves as the purpose of oxygen to the brain, lungs and heart as it flows through the blood. Each beat of the heart plays its own tune of life and light, while each blink of the eye makes your sight clearer.  One thing has nothing to do with the other, some may argue, but my opinion is the value of  each function is of great importance to my existence. If one malfunctions, the others will soon follow suit and without good oxygen there’s no good life or life at all.  Here’s an example of what I mean…

images-42You breath in negative oxygen and it flows to your brain. The brain now sends that negativity to your lungs, heart and now it’s flowing through your bloodstream. Each heart beats its tune of doom, destruction and darkness. There’s no light so you lose sight and can no longer blink to clear your vision. It all becomes clouded and clotted. The blood is now infected with clots of negativity and plugs the heart. The oxygen is cut off and life ends. What a bitter pill to swallow!

Change the air you breath by surrounding yourself with positivity, inhaling good oxygen that gives continued life and guaranteed success!!.  

Much Love,

Tracy B



Reach for that star……..

There’s nothing better than love. What in the world could you ever be thinking of??

It’s Friday. Would you like to sit around and moan, groan, complain and lose time? Or would you like to dance, sing, laugh and gain time? I’m going with the latter. When God has been so kind and gracious to show favor and mercy how can I do anything less than praise Him for it all.

Happy birthday Havonya Oliver. I love you boo love!!!

Much Love,
Tracy B


Shopping in Heaven…..

If you seek to cheat others, you end up cheating yourself!!,,,
As I was walking
Down life’s highway 
Many years ago
I came upon a
Sign that read
pizap-com10-73932640440762041342136397366-4Heavens Grocery Store..
When I got a
Little closer
The doors swung
Open wide
And when I came
To myself
I was standing
I saw a host of
They were 
Standing everywhere
One handed me a
And said ‘My
Child shop with care..’
Everything a
Human needed
Was in that
Grocery store
And what you
Could not carry
You could come
Back for more
First I got some
Love was in that
Same row.
Further down was
You need that
Everywhere you go..
I got a box or
Two of Wisdom 
And Faith a bag
Or two.
And Charity of
I would need some
Of that too..
I couldn’t miss
The Holy Ghost
It was all over
The place.
And then some
And Courage to 
Help me run this race.
My basket was
Getting full
But I remembered
I needed Grace,
And then I chose
Salvation for
Salvation was for
I tried to get
Enough of that to do
For you and me..
Then I started to
The counter
To pay my grocery
For I thought I
Had everything
To do the Masters
As I went up the
I saw Prayer and
Put that in, 
For I knew when I
Stepped outside
I would run into
Peace and Joy
Were plentiful,
The last things
On the shelf.
Song and Praise
Were hanging near
So I just helped
Then I said to
The angel
‘Now how much do
I owe?’
He smiled and
‘Just take them
Everywhere you go.’
Again I asked
‘Really now,
How much do I 
Heaven's-grocery-store-1‘My child’ he
Said, ‘Jesus paid your bill
A long, long time
This poem’s been sent to you with love,blessings and favor fromThe Netherlands.
The blessing has now come to you and you will receive showers of blessings when you chose to bless another.
Much Love,
Tracy B

You make me love myself……

Letting that go will free you to get this!

I thought I would love him forever. I thought he would finally stop being upset and forgive me. I thought that if I visualized good things and sent vibes to reach the heavens  we would finally reconcile.  However, since life happened and I experienced loss on a more personable level my thoughts have changed and so did my love for him. I am no longer afraid of being alone or worried if he’ll ever forgive me. God forgives me, God loves me, God talks to me and I blame Him for this newness….

Yes, it hurts when things or people we love are taken from us. Make your peace with loss because nothing lasts forever. Like the trees in autumn, you too must learn to shed your attachments and start afresh.

Much Love,

Tracy B


You pushed me into my purpose…..

I watched a video today with a friend and heard a woman say the most powerful words I’d ever comprehended as if I’d said it myself.  It hit me in the chest as if I had been shocked with lightning. The electricity in the statement had me warm all over. I replayed the words over and over in forbes magazinemy mind.

My reality is better than my dreams!

Whaaatt? Is that even possible? I dream some amazing stuff and my reality is nothing of comparison.  Then God spoke“What’s keeping this statement from being your truth? What is it you see when you think on average? Is it about your dreams or reality? I know the answer but you’re undecided. Let’s just say you’re closer than you THINK.” I was inspired. He’s an on time God, yes He is. He may not come when you want Him but He’ll be there right on time. He’s an on time God, yes HE is !

The storm of my life shifted me into change, positioned me for greatness and anointed me with favor abundantly.

Much Love,

Tracy B

My prayer for you……

 You can create your own heaven on earth by being kind, surrounding yourself with good people, and nurturing the earth.

images-101May God bless you with long life and that life more abundantly. May you grow in love, walk in favor, speak in peace and live in harmony. May you treat people the way you desire to be treated and I pray you desire to be treated like royalty. May your dreams believe in you so much it commands itself to become your reality. May you always pray for one another and make a world of difference. This is my prayer for you. God bless you daily

Let’s nurture this earth one prayer at a time.

Much Love,

Tracy B

The last 5 yrs what have you discovered……

Psalms 5;3 My voice You shall hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning I will direct it to You, and I will look up.

Last night I slept peacefully but continued to wake up, never opening my eyes, praying and thanking God for things NEW to come. I woke up literally talking to God and this is the message He gave me:

This is a time when the fruit of the past five years will come to maturity.  To understand this you may have to examine the theme of that time period and be particularly sensitive and discerning as to what it has produced.  Prepare yourself for a new beginning when old things will lose their importance and your interest.  You will have prime opportunities to turn your thoughts more completely to spiritual things and your relationship with Me. Remember, I blessed you before anyone else could curse you. You are created to do a great work. It is time!

So I ran to my journal and saw a big pause, 4/14/08, 3/3/09. I sat still and read it. It was the 1st time I’d experienced love but felt God was pulling me away from that and leading me to completely trust HE has what’s best for me and my family. I became debt free, got a new car, wrote down affirmations, published my book, connected with old friends while others walked away, celebrated 1st yr anniversary of church; singing in the choir with my mom,daughter and having my big brother travel down with new songs to turn it out, good paying job, and more love and lost. I saw visions, dreamed dreams, and continued to pray expecting God to give me what He promised. I noticed I was moving on to new things and asking God to deliver me from my past; my past thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, relationships and thoughts of love. I desired something new, a freshness I’d never experienced before. I told God I know what it means to be obedient over sacrificing but I went right back into disobedience but thanked God for keeping me anyhow.But then all hell broke loose. I lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost friends, lost opportunities, lost relationships, and even lost hope. I guess I will have to say the theme was me learning truth. I’d lied to God and He knew it. I’ve lost so much in these 5 yrs to gain this one truth, obedience is better than sacrifice.

Do we really need to eat from the tree like Eve to be like God?

Much Love,

Tracy B


You need this storm…..

Before I realized the truth, I lived a lie.

I walked around sad, confused, and cursing the very life God provided. There were days I didn’t even want to wake up and see the sun shine, smell the flowers, or reveal the enigma within the clouds. I wanted to stay in the dark, the corner of the room, the black hole in the wall and live just like that. Who could blame me really? I had so much going on. Everything that could happen did happen. Whatever could go wrong did go wrong and I was completely helpless. I vented with every conversation and crying seemed to be my only emotion. I didn’t see a way out but God! He spoke

“Sometimes storms come to shift and move you into position of power, prestige and purpose. You are set aside for a special work. You are different and the opinions of others do not define you. The truth is freedom while lies are bondage. You’ve been bound to long. Come out of the lies of the dark and walk into the light of truth. All things are working for your good. I have a special work for you to do and to get you there fast I have to move the winds, shake the mountains, rage the sea. Watch out for the new things, pay attention to the signs, guard your heart and bridle your tongue. I did it before and I’m doing it again.”

 I’m in the storm but now I’m riding it out and enjoying the mystery of it all.

Much Love,

Tracy B