Who he talking about?…..

I put my foot in my mouth.

Just yesterday I said  I’m not going to talk about this or that and only about me and blah blah blah right? Well, I went scrolling through blog post and came across a very intriquing message.  It read “The future belongs to the artist”.  Check out this young man’s work. I loved it so much I had to repost.  24hrstosuccess.com  Thanks for the love KG, I love ya back!-)

1497241_452143554908401_1073775498_n-2The future belongs to the artist.

The ones who thrive on ambiguity, passion and creativity.
The ones who create themselves instead of finding themselves.
The ones who don’t need a map and find their own way.

According to his report, Nick Petrie from the Center for Creative Leadership, suggests that our current and future environment are subjected to become more complex than ever. More precisely, he noted that leaders of tomorrow should be prepared to face an environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.  Jeff Barnes, Head of Global Leadership of General Electric, beautifully illustrates our present and future times by saying that there is no boundaries anymore.

The playing field is setting itself up for artists to thrive and make a difference.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious – the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” – Albert Einstein

Technology is breaking boundaries everyday – there’s no more excuse not to take a stand on an idea. The platforms are set. The tools are becoming more and more sophisticated. A decade ago, we couldn’t imagine the possibility of communicating face to face with someone across the other side of the planet. Yet, both Niklaz Zennstrom and Janus Friis, founders of Skype, believed that communication should have no boundaries. They were artists. The opportunities to make a difference are now abundantly available – the issue remains within us.

We have upgraded our technology but we have not upgraded ourselves.

The information out there is now overwhelming. The systems are interconnected in a complex manner and everyday new technology is replacing old workers and work habits. There is a mass amount of very good information out there. A simple google search of any given topic will prove to you that there are a multitude of very good opinions out there to please you. However,  our current times are indicating that our future will be looking for remarkable ideas. All the videos that go viral and the ideas that spread causing revolutions today, are all remarkable attempts to make a difference.

They are all done by artists – the leaders of tomorrow.

Leaders and artists are synonymous in the work that they do. Both create their own reality that they pictured in the mind. They set out to create something out of nothing based on their perspective. With courage, they see where they can make an impact and take initiative despite the brouhaha and influx of ambiguity. They don’t wait to be given instructions.

These are not special people.
These are people that made a choice to live life differently from what they were told.
They don’t do work that is popular, they do work to make a difference.

This all makes me realize one thing: only doing matters now – doing something that can make a difference.

To the artists out there reading this, the future belongs to you. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep creating. Take a stand and defend your heart – live your art.

“How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable.” – Seth Godin 

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Much Love,

Tracy B


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