Start this car I’m ready to go……

I never knew of my rage and anger until I was exposed. What I mean is I was pissed. I didn’t realize how upset I was until I walked up to view my younger cousins body. I stood there looking down at her and felt heat rising. I wanted to scream but instead walked away and never looked back; passing my seat heading straight to my car. I didn’t want to be bothered and God didn’t bother me. Everything aggravated, irritated and irked me. I started cursing and speaking words of defeat, doom and damnation. But yesterday God had enough. He was listening in on me going off on a friend who was exposed as foe. I got in my car ready to take off, drive reckless and curse the entire ride home but my car wouldn’t start and just like that I began laughing. I knew I had said too much and too much of the wrong stuff.

“Go now and apologize. Don’t wish ill over anyone but pray for everyone, even your enemies.” I sat in that car and started cranking it even harder like I didn’t hear anything. “If you don’t move your car wont move.” Without another word I got out of the car, went into the house and apologized for my words. However, when I opened my mouth it was as if God was speaking through me. I was so expressive, so free in my feelings, so emotional. In that moment I knew I was free from the bondage of something because I felt lighter. Something had been removed, something heavy. I was breathing better, laughing and saying well wishes as I left. I got into my car and of course it started. “Don’t fear, Only believe! You shall live and not die. Your success is guaranteed. Allow the past to pass and freely walk in the spirit of now. For what I have is greater than everything you’ve lost. Anger will not consume you. The night is almost over, the day is approaching fast.

Obedience moves God and releases you!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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