Praise is what I do…..

The enemy wants me to fear my praise. Can you believe that?

I don’t wish to bore or bombard you all with my pains, tribulations and trials but this is my outlet. This is how I deal with all life has to offer at this point. I write, I talk, I sing, I cry, I dance and finally I worship. images-2However, I’m at a place of uncertainty. I don’t know what is going on. I can’t even describe how I feel.  If I had to describe it I would use words like numb, exhausted, helpless, alone, and afraid. Why? Because I’ve had another family member leave this earth and the big family that I use to describe as dysfunctional is now my solid foundation. The more I sit and think, the more I began to thank Him. I’m not sure why I’m thanking Him because I’m not happy about the situation at all, but I’m reminded of what my mom repeated constantly “When praises go up EXPECT blessings to come down.” The enemy wants me to believe the more I praise the more family is taken away, but God says the more I praise the more He keeps me and my family. They’re not just gone forever, they’re with my Father God and as long as they are with Him I’m blessed!

I’m not worried about tomorrow, I’m living for today!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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