No games………

Pretending makes it just a game.

There’s this app on Facebook that allows you to get what’s called ‘Message From God’. It’s really cute. It’s like getting a LoveOScope that leads and guides you through the day.  Yesterday, my message said something on the lines of God wants you to know that love is not a game. When you’re pretending to love, you’re placing someone else heart at stake, making it a game.  You’re looking at love like it’s something you play; doing this is poisonous, setting you up for complete failure and places the wrong perspective of love. 

images-71I read it, smirked, grunted and thought this is for someone else. Surely, I know what love is. I write about love. God is love and love is God and it’s all about feelings producing actions of what’s really within someone’s heart, so this can’t be for me.  Then God asked my view of love outside of my relationship with Him. Let’s just say, I learned I live in a world of make-believe and solicit all your prayers. LOL!!

Daily, God teaches me all the layers of love and if you’re patient we can all get through this; having learned the MEANING of love & not the GAME of love!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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