Is it to late????.,,,,,..

Have we lead the future generation astray?

I ask this question because our youth is lost. Not all of the youth because I don’t know all of the youth but the ones I’ve encountered are pretty much lost. I’m not calling them dumb but they are distracted. I know some very smart children, straight A students with perfect attendance but they’re still just as lost as the ones who don’t respect the beauty of education. Have we caused this?

images-20I say yes; why, because we choose to expose our youth to things we shouldn’t. It’s the adults running the networks and the parents who allow children to watch tv; even their favorite cartoon or network has some adult content. It’s the adults that open the teen clubs and the parents that drop off the children. We as adults have issues and concerns with some of the music today but that don’t stop us from buying or downloading the album for our children. We talk about what our youth wear today but we are buying the clothing. We talk about how disrespectful they can be but children only mimic what they see. We can’t change the past but we can redesign our future. I’m not judging anyone but I am pointing the finger at everyone starting with ME. I’m guilty and I don’t mind #speakingup4me!! 

This was not the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. Will you contribute to the cause or hinder progress?

Much Love,

Tracy B


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