Faith comes by hearing…..

There’s nothing average about you!

You were created for greatness. You come from a bloodline of champions.  You have the favor of God, the mind of Christ, a uniqueness due to being fearfully and wonderfully made. Spiritual DNA proves that God is your Father. That makes you royal, a winner, like Father like son/daughter. What’s on the outside matters not because what’s inside management-training-listening-skills1you supersedes it all. You have a right to be abundantly blessed, free, healthy, happy, and whole. It’s in your DNA. The natural bloodline is what it is but the spiritual bloodline has power to create you new and place you before kings and queens.  Don’t allow the wrong thoughts to play in your mind because you’ll talk only excuses and no execution. Agree with God your Father and see yourself extraordinary as your DNA calls you out to be. You’re not made to be average.

Wake up declaring daily just who you are!!! MIGHTY

Much Love,

Tracy B


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