That’s the word…………

There’s nothing wrong.

images-21“I know it seems your dreams are taking forever to manifest but there’s nothing wrong. I know your love life seems like it’s missing love but there’s nothing wrong. I know it seems your finances are all over the place with a zero balance big as day but there’s nothing wrong.  I know you did the work, missed some sleep, cried some tears and faced some fears but there’s nothing wrong. In fact all is well. This is what my word says is supposed to happen. You’re not exempt from troubles because we love each other. Loving me and yourself automatically places yu in the line of fire. The enemy is walking around hand picking those I love asking Me to allow him to push them to the limit. Well I know everything and I know you wont fail Me. I trust you to love Me because you trust My love.  We’re in the flow of a blessed season. There’s nothing wrong when you’ve lined up with my word, it makes everything right.”

You get double for your trouble in this season. Are you ready?

Much Love,

Tracy B


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