Ask for it……

What’s impossible for some God made possible for me.

forbes magazineIt’s not because I’ve done anything so special. It’s not because I am a perfect individual. It’s not that I’m anything other than a human being like you but there’s something different, spectacular and special about me. God has smiled on me. He has set me free from mental depression, poverty, doubt, fears and everything else that is NOT like Him. He hand-picked me to shine and be a light for my peers. He shows me love on a daily, mercy in abundance and peace that’s not easily understood. He gives me my hearts desires and makes my life-like heaven on earth. He has taken away all my financial problems and made courage my middle name. Don’t be upset with me because God favors me. Simply ask for what you want and believe!!

Take what others call impossible and simply say “I’m Possible!!!” 

Much Love,

Tracy B


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